Australia: Hackers upload medical data saying ‘case closed’

Published: 01/12/2022 – 05:14Edited: 01/12/2022 – 05:12

Sydney (AFP) – The hackers who posted the stolen Australian medical records on the dark web on Thursday appeared to have abandoned their extortion attempt by downloading the latest data packet and declaring “case closed.”

In November, hackers demanded that Australian insurance giant Medibank pay $9.7 million to keep records from being released online, or $1 for each of the affected customers, including Prime Minister Anthony Alban.

Medibank refused to pay at the behest of the federal government, which, at the height of the crisis, considered it illegal to provide ransoms by hacked companies.

On Thursday morning, hackers announced that they had downloaded the latest data, deliberately timed to coincide with International Computer Security Day.

“Happy Cyber ​​Security Day,” they wrote. The file has been added completely. Case is closed”.

The stolen data packets began appearing on November 9 on a dark web forum that cannot be found using normal browsers.

The first disclosure appears to have been chosen to cause significant harm to people undergoing treatment for drug addiction, sexually transmitted infections, or abortion.

Medibank said on Thursday that the latest release was “incomplete and difficult to understand,” indicating that the hackers may have lost motivation after the ransom was removed.

“While our investigation is ongoing, there is currently no indication that any financial or banking details have been taken,” Medibank said in a statement.

In November, Australian Federal Police Commissioner Rhys Kershaw blamed the Medibank attack on “cybercriminals” based in Russia.

Cybersecurity analysts have speculated that they may be linked to the Russian hacker group REvil.

Australian government ministers branded the hackers “garbage” or “dastardly criminals”.

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