Automotive: what is the future of Tesla in Europe?

Will Tesla shut down its giant electric battery plant in Germany? Local authorities are wondering after the publication of the article in the American press.

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Posted on 16.09.2022 08:48

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Elon Musk, the head of the American luxury electric car maker, is suspending his project to build his electric battery megafactory in Europe, according to The Wall Street Journal. The daily business newspaper claims, Tesla does not comment, but does not deny either; As for the German authorities, they confirm that they received the first information about this. We clearly see a bunch of converging elements that leave no doubt about the intentions of the American billionaire.

In March, the American manufacturer opened a car manufacturing plant near Berlin, which produces 1,000 “Model Y” vehicles every week. Elon Musk wanted to add a gigafactory (giant factory) of electric batteries next to it to equip cars built on the spot. It seems that this project Musk decided to suspend.

At least in August, the US administration passed a text providing tax breaks for car manufacturers if batteries are manufactured and assembled in the US. The law also provides for a subsidy for the purchase of an electric vehicle of up to 7,500 euros, provided that the final assembly of the vehicles takes place in North America.

Thus, it is this new American regulation that threatens Elon Musk’s projects – in Europe in general and in Germany in particular – because his ambition was to produce cars exclusively on the Old Continent in order to conquer the European market with the possibility of exporting to the United States. States. states. Washington comes to clip his wings.

Therefore, the group is in the process of studying the impact of new texts on its European strategy in order not to lose competitiveness. Elon Musk is, in a sense, a victim of the America First, America First principle so dear to former President Donald Trump and captured by his successor Joe Biden in the name of American interests.

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