Avalanche (Just Cause) opens new studio in the UK

Coming from Sweden, the Avalanche Studios house became known from 2006 with the release of the first episode of the Just Cause series. A success followed by three other components, as well as a handful of other projects, like the very nice Mad Max released in 2015.

Boosted by increased activity in recent years, including work on RAGE 2 in 2019, as well as the publication of Just Cause 4 in 2018, the firm announced the opening of a new studio. Based in Liverpool, this branch will open its doors this month, even if the small team already recruited will progress for the moment in teleworking. This new branch will thus be attached to Expansive Worlds, the division in charge of the The Hunter franchise. The creation of new licenses is also envisaged, knowing that Avalanche hopes to bring together nearly fifty employees in its British offices over the next two years.

theHunter: Call of the Wild on consoles October 2


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