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It’s a bit of a tradition, almost every year, Disney has the rights to their animated film. In 2021, it was Encanto who made cinemas sing and dance, and this year we will have the right to the film “Avalonia, a strange journey” that presents today. new trailer that promises adventure.

Small twist: this is the next Disney will not be released in theatersbut, of course, on the Disney+ streaming platform.

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Disney skips cinema

These new footage from the film allows us to better understand the characters and the adventures they have to go through. The universe and the drawings are simply stunning, especially the scene that takes place on Avalonia, the planet that the heroes have to explore.

Here official synopsis from the film: “Treasures, a family of legendary explorers, discover an unknown world full of dangers and inhabited by fantastic creatures. They are aided in their quest by a mischievous blob and their three-legged dog. its various members are threatening to derail this new mission, which is by far the most important.”

  • Watch the new trailer:

In France, Disney decided not to release its traditional year-end film in theaters due to controversy over Timeline of new media. Thus, the exit of Avalonia is planned. next November on the platform.

In summary, the more a studio invests in French cinema, the less time it will have to wait to use its work after it hits the screens. A system in the form of a virtuous circle.

So the deadline 6 months per Channel+ as well as SCO (who invests a lot in French productions), 15 months per netflix as well as 17 months for services Disney+ as well as Prime Video.

Disney believes that this rule is unfair and that it should be able to use its films more quickly after release. Therefore, the studio decided to put pressure on CNC shorten that step and only offer your film on Disney+ until a broadcast date is known.

This question will also arise in relation to the long-awaited Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. There will be a meeting in early October to decide whether the next Marvel will be released in theaters in France or go straight to Disney+.

Along with the new trailer, Avalonia the Strange Journey was also revealed. new poster :

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