Avast One: Antivirus, VPN, password protection… get 100% protection

We know Avast for its antivirus. In particular, the publisher won over millions of users with Avast Free Antivirus, fairly complete software at a price of 0 euros, as well as security packages known for their efficiency and richness of their features. With Avast One, Avast goes even further with a unique solution that includes a single interface and one offers Avast antivirus, full and unlimited VPN, privacy tools, and modules to keep your devices up to date and optimize their performance. To protect your PC or laptop, protect your online purchases, guard against security flaws in your most used software by updating it automatically, or surf the Internet without restrictions while avoiding trackers, you simply use Avast One and enjoy all these features in an easy-to-use using an interface that guides you step by step. 01net and Avast really have an exclusive offer for you! Please note that the new solution is also free in a more basic package.

I discovered the Avast One offer (including antivirus and VPN)

Avast One to protect your PC with a complete antivirus

At the heart of Avast One we find Avast antivirus in its most advanced version. Its shields protect the entire system: it analyzes executed, downloaded or copied files, email attachments, removable media, websites visited and all PC behavior in order to immediately block fraudulent or dangerous elements, including yet unknown threats identified thanks to behavioral blocking. Avast One has a special module for detecting and blocking ransomware: files of all types, and in particular images, documents or videos, are monitored and, if modified by an untrusted application, malicious actions are blocked in real time. The antivirus is complemented by an intelligent firewall and technologies that, among other things, prevent you from going to fraudulent domains during your banking transactions or online purchases.

I use Avast One and 01net offer

Avast offers a VPN in its One offering

Having a VPN to secure your internet connection and guarantee your anonymity has become essential. With Avast One, there is no need to purchase an additional subscription or install an app: everything is included and you can secure your web browser with just one click. Avast VPN allows you to hide your IP address, select geolocation from multiple servers around the world, and always enjoy a 100% encrypted connection, even when using public Wi-Fi. Avast VPN can be activated automatically when connected to an untrusted network or when accessing banking sites to minimize the risk of data theft during transactions. In private mode, a VPN is used to enhance your web browser’s incognito mode and allow you to enjoy truly secure browsing without being tracked.

Protect your passwords with Avast One

The password is the key that separates your personal data, which is becoming more and more common in social networks, e-commerce or administrative procedures, from cybercriminals. There is a credential market on the dark web and Avast One tracks these data leaks by tracking your credentials. If a leak is detected, you will receive a notification allowing you to take the necessary steps to change credentials on potentially compromised accounts. To prevent leaks, with a password agent you have the ability to prevent malicious apps from accessing your credentials from your default browser, be it Google Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Thus, your data is protected from theft and you have all the tools to prevent leaks.

Take advantage of VPN, antivirus and other Avast offers!

Work with peace of mind with Avast One

Avast One lets you surf the web securely with Private Browsing and VPN, along with other powerful ad tracking prevention tools. In this way, the Anti Tracking Prevention agent “encrypts” your digital identity so that companies that collect historical or identity data cannot create a trackable profile across multiple sites. There is nothing to do on your part: the function is active, and Avast One takes care of the rest. Avast also helps you clean up your data such as junk files and browsing data with an accurate and comprehensive cleanup of major web browsers. With just one click, you can tidy up to free up disk space and leave no browsing traces on your PC, such as tracking cookies.

Optimize your PC or laptop for maximum performance!

Keeping your PC or laptop running smoothly is just as important as protecting it from cyber threats, and it often goes hand in hand. Thanks to the cleaning features of Avast One, you can easily find all the unnecessary files cluttering up your disk: large downloads, forgotten folders, corrupted registry keys, cache files… Boost PC analyzes applications in the background and you lower their priority to restore system resources. . Finally, with Software Updater and Driver Updater, Avast One automatically updates all your drivers and third-party applications to use the latest versions and especially the latest security patches and thus avoid exploiting vulnerabilities. Get all these features and more by installing Avast One on PC, Mac, and Android and iOS mobile devices.

Discover the Avast One offer at a low price

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