Avatar 2: underwater footage in performance costumes is breathtaking, it’s impressive

20th Century Studios has unveiled a new video for Avatar 2: The Way of the Water that never ceases to amaze the shelves. As of January 8, 2023, James Cameron’s film has grossed over $1.7 billion at the box office, with the 10 million admission threshold exceeded in France – 10 102 350 spectators exactly. Huge success, especially post-COVID, and the last big success of this caliber comes in 2019 with a version of The Lion King that ended its career in 10,035,930 admissions in France. France is also a solid territory in the Avatar 2 career as it ranks third behind the US and China. In less than a month, the film has already become the seventh biggest hit of all time, and so the $2 billion mark is within reach. A 20th Century Studios press release clarifies that almost 2/3 of the visits were to cinemas offering 3D HDR and HFR technologies, and in most cases to premium class cinemas. Proof that the public is primarily looking for the best possible experience with this film.

The success that prompted James Cameron to introduce a new version of the film’s video footage, this time showing underwater footage with the actors in performance. What really stands out is Kiri, Sigourney Weaver’s character, who managed to stay in a state of apnea for over 6 minutes. The record during filming, in contrast, belongs to Kate Winslet, who was in a state of apnea for 7 minutes and 14 seconds. Recall that it was James Cameron who initiated water photography, developing a technology that did not exist until now. In the next video, we see not only Sigourney Weaver wearing a helmet to capture her facial expressions, a suit for her movements, but the surface of the water is covered with gripping balls to perfectly replicate the movement of the “water”. Pretty colossal work, I must admit.


Avatar 2: Underwater Performance

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