Avatar is back in theaters

Avatar: The Way of Water will be released this December, but it’s a sequel to a movie that came out 13 years ago. Most of us have a hard time remembering what happened on an episode of this or that show last week. So what can you do? James Cameron has a solution: rerelease the first Avatar in theaters. According to a trailer released on Tuesday, the 2009 film will return to theaters for two weeks starting September 23 in “all formats” including IMAX, 4K/HDR and… 3D.

Disney has removed Avatar from its Disney Plus streaming service, so you can’t watch it there. Disney’s ploy to make you go to the cinema to rewatch Avatar might help you brush up on all the jargon and world building.

Movies returning to theaters to prepare us for a sequel are nothing new. They did it with Batman Begins and The Dark Knight at The Dark Knight Rises premiere, and some theaters did the same for some Marvel movie releases. Even James Cameron’s Titanic has been back in theaters before and will return next year.

In short, it will make people care about this franchise again if all goes well.

Source and image courtesy of The Verge

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