Award winning Slice box cutter knives with safety blades

Knife design has remained the same over the years, but recent advances in manufacturing technology and new materials have paved the way for tremendous advances in cutting tools and knife design through the use of composite materials.

21st century pocket knives now feature unique safety blades that won’t cut your fingers, never rust, and last 11 times longer than older traditional steel blades. One of the leading companies in knife design is Slice, whose award-winning designs feature innovative safety blades and an ergonomic design to handle any cutting job safely and efficiently, whether at home or at work.

Slice offers a huge range of knives and cutting tools with their unique finger-friendly blades and reversible design. In this quick guide, we’re going to take a look at three slicing knives that are perfect for a variety of everyday tasks and come in a variety of shapes: a hand-held box cutter, a safety cutter, and a hand-held mini knife.

Slice #10400 Manual Box Cutter: $19.99

As you can see in the images above, the Slice handheld utility knife features a unique, curved, ergonomic nylon handle designed to fit your fingers comfortably. Protect your hand from paper clips and bumps by opening packages or stacking boxes for recycling or storage.

The manual box cutter has a retractable blade that is comfortable for your fingers. With a manual slider, you can extend and retract the blade with your thumb up to 8mm or 0.31″. Provides a cutting depth of 8.5 mm. The unique box cutter weighs only 96g and is available with either the automatic retractable box cutter #10503 with spring-loaded blades that automatically retract when finished cutting, or the manual box cutter #10400 shown here that locks the blade in two positions.

Functions of Manual Slice Box Cutting

When you eventually need to change blades off the knife, its unique design features an easy, tool-free blade change system that allows you to add both Slice Rounded #10404 and Slice Pointed #10408 blades. Additional blades can be purchased separately in packs of 4 by Priced at $19.99. Most cutting tools sold by Slice feature this unique tool-free blade change system.

The reversible blades are made of zirconium oxide and retain their cutting edge 11 times longer than steel. The non-conductive, non-magnetic and chemically inert blades will never rust and do not need to be maintained, oiled or lubricated. Slice blades are made to be safer than standard ceramic blades as they use a special grinding process to make them safer. .

The round-tipped blades have been designed to provide extra protection against accidental punctures or damage to the products inside the boxes when you open them. When your blade reaches the end of its useful life, simply flip the reversible blade over to fully utilize each blade before it is sent for recycling.

Slice #00200 Safety Cutter: $5.99

Safety cutter for slices

Next up is the amazing Slice Safety Cutter, which cuts like magic and cuts through blister packs, paper, cellophane, packaging tape and more, even with its tiny micro-ceramic blade. The safety blade protrudes just a few millimeters from the base of the cutter, making it ideal for use by needlewomen and younger family members. The lightweight safety cutter features a built-in magnet and a key ring hole so you can store it where you need it most.

With a rubberized non-slip surface and reversible design, the Slice Safety Blade, though small, is sharp enough to handle even the toughest blister pack. Weighing just 6g and with a cutting depth of 2.02mm, the Slice Safety Cutter is the perfect addition to any kitchen drawer, workshop or keychain.

Features of Slice Safety Cutter

Slice #10515 Mini Hand Cutter: $9.99

If you’re looking for something more manageable, with a longer blade than the safety knife mentioned above, but still small enough to fit in your pocket, the Slice Mini Hand Knife is the perfect solution. Weighing just 10g and with a 9mm cutting depth, this versatile little knife measures just 62.0 x 36.7 x 11.8mm and can cut just about anything except fingers.

Mini slicing cutter

The mini cutter is once again available in both manual and automatic retractable blades. It is ideal for both industrial and home use. The handy multi-tool can be modified for right- or left-handed use by simply flipping the blade, and is compatible with Slice replacement blades #10404 and #10408. Both can be purchased separately in packs of 4 from the Slice online store.

The Mini Cutter features a slightly rounded blade and a built-in magnet to quickly store the knife where it’s needed, and once again features Slice’s unique Safey blade. Requires no maintenance, oil or lubrication, never rusts, sparks or conducts electricity. The oval design of the knife features an orange-textured thumb slider for precise control when retracting and extending the blade.

Features of the Slice Handheld Mini Cutter

Slice Mini Cutter double sided design

Slice offers a wide range of different knives and cutting tools, from deburring tools, scissors and box knives to precision craft knives, folding knives and more. To see the full range, go to the official Slice online store by clicking on the link below.


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