Azure, Xbox, Office, Surface: Microsoft’s big quarter

While waiting for the quarterly results of Apple (it is for tomorrow Wednesday), Microsoft opens the ball and all is well rather well, thank you. The publisher / builder’s second fiscal quarter ended with sales of $ 43.1 billion (+ 17% over the previous year), with net income of $ 15.5 billion ( + 33%!).

Microsoft continued to ride the telecommuting and home entertainment trend due to the health crisis. The “Productivity and Business Processes” division (Office, online services, LinkedIn) posted a comfortable $ 13.4 billion in revenues, up 13% year-on-year. The Microsoft 365 Consumer offer has 47.5 million paying subscribers.

“Intelligent Cloud” revenue, which includes Azure, GitHub and business services, amounted to 14.6 billion (+ 23%). The “More Personal Computing” division, with Windows, video games, devices (Surface) and online advertising, for its part garnered a solid 15.1 billion (+ 14%). The end of the year was marked by the launch of the new Xboxes: content and services related to consoles as a whole grew by 40%. Thanks to the consoles next-genMicrosoft enjoyed a quiet 86% increase in revenue from hardware sales.

As for Surface sales, they increased 3% and now represent a business of $ 2 billion – still far from the 9 billion Mac or 6.8 billion iPad the previous quarter of Apple, but everything same: Microsoft has succeeded in entrenching its tablets and its computers thanks to a slow and patient groundwork even if the growth of this activity is a step below the rest.

Throughout the past year, we have witnessed the dawn of a second wave of digital transformation that has impacted every business and industry. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said. The publisher intends to support and accelerate this major change.


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