Back to school 2022: stimulate your kids with robotics!

Are you looking for a new activity with the kids to start the school year? Why not introduce kids to robotics with Robobox? A playful way to awaken them to new technologies, stimulate them and teach them knowledge with a future!

Every year the same tune. At the start of the school year in September, you are looking for a new activity idea to keep your kids busy. Sports, theatre, dance… Why don’t you try something a little more original this year by having them build robots?

Thanks to Robobox, a team of enthusiasts who design their own learning kits, it’s possible (and fun)! Your kids will learn new robotics concepts every month and build ever more advanced robots at home at their own pace.

“Learning by doing” to stimulate children

To introduce kids to robotics, Robobox relies on a learning-by-doing technique, meaning kids experiment directly, following instructions given to them or their own instincts. “The goal is not to succeed at any cost or to understand the first time. It’s more of a search, making mistakes, starting over, until the concept of robotics is understood as a whole, from different angles, ”explains Robobox.

How it works ? Robobox kits are designed for everyone: adults, teenagers and children from 8 years old. Each month you will receive a complete learning kit at home, consisting of a guide to getting started with robotics, as well as all the components needed to create and develop a robot. Online help is available even when needed.

What are the prices? For a monthly subscription, count 36.99 euros each month. The longer the subscription is taken, the more profitable it is from a financial point of view:

  • Subscription for three months: 34.99 euros per set
  • Subscription for six months: 32.99 euros per set
  • One year subscription: €29.99 per set

To take advantage of the offers and get your first kit, visit the Robobox website!

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