Back to School Tech: Must-have audio devices and how to know if they’re safe

PARIS, September 4 (Benin News / EP) –

Technology is becoming more and more important every year as children return to school both for recreation and for their own academic needs. For this reason, experts insist that it is important that these devices are suitable for every type of user. One of the most obvious cases is audio products, which must take into account a number of considerations so that children can use them safely.

European personal audio company Energy Sistem offers headphones and a speaker specially designed for the youngest members of the family: Lol&Roll Pop Kids Headphones and Lol&Roll Pop Kids Speaker. These devices have been built to strict safety standards that take into account everything from volume limitations to the materials used to avoid accidents.

In particular, the volume of children’s headphones should never exceed 85 decibels, so as not to harm the health of the child’s hearing (for speakers, the same limitation applies when measured at a distance of one meter). In addition, all materials for children’s audio devices must be suitable for use by children in accordance with the EN71 certification required by the European Union for toys.


The Lol&Roll Pop Kids headphones are headphones for keeping kids entertained, as well as for video calls at school (or with friends and family thanks to the built-in microphone), group work, and group work. The company has also indicated in press releases that it will offer private online lessons or work that requires listening to audio (for example, listening in English classes).

These headphones can be connected to either a computer or a smartphone or tablet and have a Music Sharing feature that allows you to connect two headphones together to share audio so that kids aged three and up can learn and have fun together.

Another aspect to consider in this type of device intended for the little ones is the design, which should be handy and compact so that they can carry it around without any problems, and have easy-to-use play buttons, recommended one-touch operation. . The box also includes stickers to personalize the helmets and a foldable cardboard character.


Another proposal from Energy Sistem for this “back to school” is the Lol&Roll Pop Kids column, which adapts to the needs of babies during their first contact with technology and guarantees their safety. This device is primarily for listening to music, watching Youtube videos for kids, you can also listen to audio books, enjoy audio books or do school assignments that require listening to audio materials.

This speaker connects to your computer, mobile phone or tablet via Bluetooth wireless technology. With the Music Share function, audio can also be transferred wirelessly to a second speaker.

This mini speaker has an included strap to carry and hang it anywhere the user desires, as well as a lithium battery providing up to 3 hours of battery life. Its lightness and variety of colors allow it to adapt to the rhythm of the little ones. The tether cord is also detachable and the buttons have easy one-touch operation.

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