Backbone One PlayStation Edition: controller for PS4 and PS5 games… on your smartphone

While some fans of the PlayStation brand still dream of a portable console, remembering the excellent machines that were the PSP and PS Vita, Sony is shaping … a controller for mobile devices. This is an officially licensed Backbone One PlayStation Edition controller designed for all iPhone users.

The official PlayStation controller for smartphones.

Colors, materials and finishes are inspired by the design of the PS5 console’s DualSense wireless controller, from the transparent key effect to the distinctive floating appearance. This doesn’t detract from other products in the PS5 lineup, such as the Pulse 3D headset, which you can also connect directly to the Backbone One – PlayStation Edition controller.

If you have access to a high-speed internet connection and a PS5 or PS4 console, simply connect your iPhone to your Backbone One controller and start playing PS5 and PS4 games directly with the PS Remote Play app, even when you’re away from home. or in the next room.

Note that the Backbone One controller also works great with games from the App Store or other game streaming services that support controllers, including Genshin Impact, Fantasian, Call of Duty: Mobile, and many more. Players can download the Backbone App for a unique PlayStation experience. This offers various PlayStation integrations, such as custom glyphs representing iconic PlayStation symbols, or the ability to view hundreds of games.

© Playstation

Just a quick note: the Backbone One controller is powered directly by your iPhone, so beware of the battery. The controller is offered for $99 on the brand’s official website. Please note that Backbone One also exists for Android, but only in a black version (so without a PlayStation license), and that it will launch in November.

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