Backstage # 4: Call of the Sea Exclusive interview with Tatiana Delgado

Call of the sea was one of the top games on Xbox Games Showcase last May. The Spanish adventure puzzle game from Out of The Blue Games promises us a colorful journey as well as a rich and emotional history. In order to learn more about the title, but also about the history of the studio, we had the pleasure of meeting Tatiana Delgado. In this long interview, we touched on a lot of topics like her debut as a player, her professional background or the story behind the title. She also tells us what to expect in Call of the sea about its narration, surroundings and puzzles.

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We offer you the interview in English with French subtitles. The fully dubbed version is coming very soon!

We look forward to hearing your feedback in the comments on this new format. Feel free to share your opinion below and comment on this video.

Thanks again to Tatiana Delgado for her time, availability and accessibility. It was a real pleasure !

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