Bad news for Star Wars fans: KOTOR remake is on hold

The highly anticipated Star Wars KOTOR remake has stalled. The studio in charge of development will be in the worst case.

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Star Wars KOTOR Remake, great gift for fans

Remakes sometimes make some players cringe. Less reviled than the remaster, this increasingly strong trend in the industry is still not to everyone’s taste.

Despite everything, during the announcement of the remake, the excitement of some who were only waiting for this overshadows the dissatisfaction of others. That was the case when the Star Wars KOTOR remake was announced at the PlayStation Showcase in September 2021. Unfortunately development is taking a turn for the worse…

Star Wars KOTOR, a bleak future according to Jason Schreier

According to Jason Schreier of Bloomberg, Aspyr, the developer of Star Wars KOTOR, lives in tortured hours. The journalist explains that on June 30, the development team submitted a demo to the management of Lucasfilm and Sony. A demo that both sides didn’t like at all. Also, according to Jason Schreier, its massive production costs and the time it took to make it encroached on the development of Star Wars KOTOR.

The consequences were immediate: art director Jason Minor and design director Brad Prince were fired. As a result, the development of the game is at a standstill. A Bloomberg journalist learned from his source, a member of the Aspyr studio, that the PS5 temporary exclusivity won’t be released until 2025. Saber Interactive (World War Z, Call of Cthullhu…) may partner with Aspyr. Bad news for Star Wars fans.

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