Bad weather in Italy: death toll rises to 11 dead and two missing – Science et Avenir

Authorities said the death toll from bad weather that hit the Marche region in central Italy on the night of Thursday to Friday rose to 11 dead and two missing on Saturday.

“Searchs continue to find two missing persons,” the Ancona prefecture said in a statement. According to the local press, this is an eight-year-old child and a 56-year-old woman.

Waterspouts, equivalent in places to six months of rainfall, hit Marki, causing floods and torrents of mud.

Water filled the basements, and many cars were swept away by the force of the current or buried under landslides. Falling trees and landslides have blocked many local roads, hampering the work of rescuers.

Bad weather continued on Saturday across most of Italy, with strong winds on the west coast, Tuscany and Rome.

More rain is expected in Marche and local authorities have urged residents to stay at home.

Photo posted by Italian firefighters showing rescue teams at the scene of a storm in Senigallia, central Italy on September 16, 2022 (Italian Firefighters/AFP Handout)

“Leave the first floor of your house and take cover on the upper floors,” Senigallia Mayor Massimo Olivetti urged his voters.

In Ravenna (East), a storm broke the moorings of the Norwegian cruise ship Viking Sea on Saturday morning with 870 passengers and 200 crew members on board.

It took five tugs and hours of delicate maneuvers to stabilize the boat and then bring it back to dock.

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