Baidu unveiled its first quantum computer

Chinese giant Baidu, well known for its search engine, has decided to venture into quantum technology. Baidu has announced its first quantum computer, dubbed Qianshi, Nikkei Asia reports.

The company says it’s ready to make the machine available to outside users so they can participate in thinking about real world applications of the quantum.

The computer has a 10-qubit processor. Baidu is also showing off a 36-qubit quantum chip.

Billions of dollars of investments around the world

Like the United States, China wants to get its share of the quantum era pie through massive investment. Europe also entered the race in 2018, with France unveiling its €1.8 billion quantum plan late last year.

Globally, governments and companies will invest nearly $16.4 billion in quantum computing by 2027, according to IDC. By this time, scientists hope to prove a quantum advantage over the most powerful supercomputers.

Today, on the international stage, IBM is one of the most ambitious companies in the quantum field. The American giant plans to develop a commercially-ready quantum computer in 2025 with a processor of more than 4,000 qubits.

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