Balma. They build their robots in the media library

On Saturday morning, a master class on robotics is planned in the halls of the municipal media library. “Every child has a computer and a building kit,” says Eric Gontier, workshop director of the science promotion agency Mad Scientists. He continues, “This allows him to quickly assemble the robot. In fact, the lessons are held in pairs. He starts by building a robot that he programs, and in the next class I give him a programming assignment. I give him instructions from which he must create a machine with his own program.

The goal of these robotics classes for kids ages 8 and up is to learn how to code while having fun. Sessions organized by the Balmakids store. There is not much theory here, but practice. You do not need to have advanced skills to participate, “the only prerequisites are to be able to read at least and use a computer mouse,” warns Eric Gontier. In addition to the Balma media library, the facilitator works with MJCs, school groups or entertainment centers in the Haute-Garonne.

Seminar on robotics, Saturday from 10:00 to 11:30 in the Balma media library. Price: 25 euros per session (or 350 euros per year). Seminar/opening on Thursday evening by appointment: 20 euros. From 8 years old. Information and registration: 05 61 46 75 87.

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