Basset Jones: a metal detector robot designed in Limoges

Many French people share a passion that is as useful as it is intriguing: metal detection. Often equipped with detectors, they roam different terrains in search of objects steeped in history, or simply metal objects to be removed from the ground because they pollute.

In order to make their job easier, but also to prevent dangers, a start-up based in Limoges is currently designing a metal detector robot called Basset Jones. Jean-Sébastien Poignet, president and co-designer of the project, whose company is based at Ester Technopole explains to us in which areas this autonomous robot will be used:

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This terrestrial drone is electric and will work with batteries, which will be powered by solar panels. Basset Jones can be used for leisure detection, treasure hunts, looking for pipes or buried networks, cleaning beaches or even looking for mines.

“Invest your time in finding, rather than looking”

This small all-terrain vehicle has four wheels and

is able to cross obstacles and especially to detect the different metals present in the ground:

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The machine will be able to estimate what is buried, in particular its size. The researcher can then know if what is nearby, a jewel or a more dangerous object, such as a shell of war. Detectorists will then have to dig themselves.

The developers of Basset Jones are developing in parallel, a cartography of buried networks, in post-conflict zones. The idea is to be able to detect mines and put populations out of danger.

This rebot will be on sale from June, for a general public price of less than 1000 euros.


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