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Hack & Slash in the purest tradition of the genre, Battle Ax played alone or with a local co-op friend. You will have to choose a character among the three offered by the game: the elf Fae with a double dagger, the pirate Rooney and his cannon and the magician Iolo and his scepter. They will each have their own skills and their own way of being played. They will all be equipped with close combat attack but also the possibility of launching projectiles from a distance. By beating your opponents you will gain more or less experience points depending on your combos but also gold and items to improve your character. Chests scattered around this world can also offer you these kinds of rewards. Along the way, you will also find villagers under the influence of spells of Etheldred that will have to be saved. Many adversaries will stand in your way such as Goblins, Orcs, Mandrakes, Skeletons and Trolls. Items found along the way or from merchants can help you eliminate them.

Battle Ax was developed by Henk nieborg, a video game industry veteran with almost 30 years of experience gained on games such as Lionheart, Contra 4, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge and more recently Xeno Crisis. Fanatic of Pixel Art, he is in charge of all the graphics of the game. He is supported in programming by Mike Tucker, also a video game veteran with 25 years of career behind him, he had already collaborated with Henk nieborg sure Xeno Crisis. The music was composed by the legendary Manami Matsumae known for her work at Capcom on cult games such as Final fight and Megaman 1 & 2.

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