Battlefield 2042 Coming to Xbox Game Pass Late November

It’s been almost a year since Battlefield 2042 launched, so it’s time to join Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass service. However, players would prefer the game to be completely free.

Credits: EA

After such a chaotic launch, with EA refusing to release sales figures to hide the extent of the damage, Battlefield 2042 has failed to win over fans of the franchise despite numerous updates. Instead of playing the latest game, players have also exploded in traffic to previous titles on Steam, in particular Battlefield 1.

With Battlefield 2042 celebrating its first anniversary soon, the game seems to be really on the brink. Luckily for him, he might soon get one last chance. Indeed, Electronic Arts has announced that Battlefield 2042 will be coming to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and EA Access at the end of November.

Battlefield 2042 Season 3 Coming Soon

“We are proud of the work done over the past 12 months. And if you haven’t already taken the plunge, starting with Season 3, we’ll be bringing Battlefield 2042 to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and making the game available to EA Access subscribers,” EA said in a statement. So DICE is banking on this new season, as well as its arrival on Xbox Game Pass, to attract the curious who want to discover the game or those who were initially disappointed.

In the third season, the title should, in particular, give the right to new weapons. Weapons and character classes will also be reworked. In addition, two maps will be reworked: Manifest and Breakaway. EA also mentions that in Season 3 “we’ll be going to a whole new battlefield, a place we’ve always wanted to reach but haven’t reached yet in 20 years of Battlefield’s existence.”

If you don’t have a Game Pass Ultimate subscription but still want to try Battlefield 2042 for free, you’re in luck. EA Dice will offer time-limited free trials on Xbox, Steam and PlayStation. The game will be available for free on Xbox from December 1 to 4, on Steam from December 1 to 5, and on PlayStation from December 16 to 23.

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