Battlefield 2042: Unveiling Trailer

A few days before the full unveiling of the new Battlefield, EA and DICE give us a high-action preview of what lies ahead in this new chapter, available on October 22.

This new title transports us to the near future where military technology has made a giant leap. Those who remember Battlefield 2142 will have noticed the canine-looking combat robots, a nod to the Titans of this title. It also appears that players will be able to trade in the classic parachute for a Wingsuit. In addition, everything suggests that the raging weather will play an important role in the evolution of maps during the game.

After the rather poor reviews of the last 2 titles in the franchise, public expectations are high for Battlefield 2042. The ball is in the developers’ court and player interest will largely depend on the unveiling of the game. gameplay on June 13 during theE3.

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