Battlefield V available on PlayStation Plus: find all our guides

News tip Battlefield V available on PlayStation Plus: find all our guides

This month, it’s Battlefield V’s turn to join PlayStation Plus! DICE’s FPS is free for subscribers to Sony’s online gaming service for a period of one month, ideally enough to wait before a highly anticipated 6th installment. For the occasion, we invite you to rediscover this title by equipping yourself with our dedicated guides.

Battlefield V is the flagship game among the titles available to PlayStation Plus subscribers in May. While waiting for a 6th episode awaited by the fans, Sony offers fans of the DICE franchise to relive the battles of World War II with this fifth episode, published by Electronic Arts. This FPS will keep you occupied for many hours, as it offers a long campaign focusing on iconic conflicts and also has many multiplayer game modes. We invite you to find all our game guides in our complete Battlefield V walkthrough.

Battlefield V Solo Collectibles: Letters

Battlefield V may be a game that finds much of its appeal in multiplayer, but it does not forget solo players. The title campaign of DICE indeed contains letters to find everywhere as you progress, the locations of which we reveal to you in our guide to the collectibles of the Battlefield V solo:

Battlefield V Multiplayer Guide

Battlefield V obviously offers a consistent multi mode with many distinct modes, to satisfy fans of the series and its traditional online component. In our walkthrough, we suggest you take stock of them with our guide to Battlefield V multiplayer game modes:

In addition, our walkthrough also contains a guide to the Battlefield V multiplayer maps:

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