Battletoads turns 30!

This does not make us any younger and yet Rare celebrates 30 years of Battletoads ! In a beautiful thread on their Twitter, the studio takes the opportunity to praise these little frogs.

It’s been 30 years since this trio of toads kicked an oversized pig’s snout in an oversized way and players discovered the “joy” of the Turbo Tunnel. Whether you’ve started on the NES or are just checking out the latest game from @dlalastudios, join us in wishing Battletoads a happy birthday!

As you can read in these various tweets, Rare recalls that the games Battletoads are available in Xbox Game Pass. Indeed, if you have never dared to take the plunge, now may be the time. Battletoads is available in Rare Replay, a compilation of the best old games from the studio. In addition, the latest opus is also available in Microsoft’s service. You have no reason to miss them because they are playable on Xbox, PC and mobile thanks to Cloud Gaming!

The whole of XboxSquad takes the opportunity to wish the frogs a happy birthday for the 30 years of this magnificent franchise.

The evolution of Battletoads in video

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