Bayer and medtech Implicity join forces to offer a complete telecardiology offer

The German giant Bayer and the French start-up Implicity, specializing in telecardiology, announced this Monday, July 19 the signing of a partnership aimed at formulating a joint offer dedicated to patients suffering from heart failure. A disease that affects between 1.1 and 2 million people and which is the cause of 70,000 deaths per year in France.

Position yourself in e-health

Thanks to Implicity’s solution, Bayer wants to expand its portfolio of service offerings and position itself as a benchmark player in e-health, we read in the press release. For its part, through this partnership, the young growth will be able to benefit from a solid network of patients and health establishments working with the pharmaceutical group.

This partnership also aims to assess the way in which the approach of the medical visit can fit with the inclusion of patients in remote monitoring as well as to assess the solution with patients and healthcare professionals, explain the two companies in their press release. .

Simplify cardiac remote monitoring

Implicity developed and launched in 2017 a medical platform to simplify the daily practice of remote cardiac monitoring. Instead of being scattered across manufacturers’ sites, the data collected by pacemakers and defibrillators are centralized in a single tool, easily accessible by healthcare teams.

This company is also at the origin of several machine learning systems which sort and rank alerts according to their level of severity, by cross-checking the data collected by the devices with that of the patient. Thus, the healthcare team can know at a glance which patients to treat as a priority thanks to a color code.

This partnership is another illustration of Bayer’s interest in telemedicine. In September 2020, the German group forged a partnership with the Nantes start-up DirectoSanté for the remote monitoring of people with cancer.

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