Reviews uses the NVIDIA BlueField DPU platform. is a new technology from NVIDIA that offers a softwaredefined connectivity platform built on NVIDIA BlueField Data Processing Units (DPUs) to bring the benefits of cloudbased connectivity to businesses of all sizes.

“As companies of all sizes continue to migrate to cloudbased applications and cybersecurity solutions, our new NVIDIApowered solution is a major milestone on our journey to becoming the company of choice for anyone looking for seamless, secure, highperformance connectivity between remote locations.” , said Moshe Levinson, CEO of “We are honored to deploy our softwaredefined connectivity on NVIDIA BlueField DPUs and are grateful for the benefits is getting from using its capabilities.”

“The softwaredefined connectivity platform can be installed on NVIDIA BlueField, providing additional networking functionality to computer and server manufacturers (OEMs) and their customers. Deploying softwaredefined connectivity capabilities on NVIDIA BlueField DPUs will provide immediate access to the latest secure connectivity technology. The solution will completely isolate the network control and forwarding layers to simplify and improve network management and automation.”

“The software, running on the NVIDIA BlueField DPU, is a sandboxed solution and a complete embedded system that only functions within its own boundaries and communicates with computer hardware (uCPE) through a standard computer hardware interface. It is compatible with similar or related environment variable systems through a standard interface. The isolated solution (NVIDIA BlueField DPU with software) prevents manipulative outside interference as it functions as a black box.”

“The NVIDIA BlueField DPU platform is based on an NVIDIA systemonachip that combines three key elements: a programmable multicore processor, a highperformance network interface, and a set of flexible and programmable acceleration engines designed to improve application performance. . By offloading data processing to the DPU, users can save CPU cycles while maintaining the performance of distributed workloads.”

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