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Some fraudulent developers take advantage of the lack of surveillance of Internet users to break into their personal digital lives. Today, new and more formidable technologies are wreaking havoc.

Different types of attacks

A few days ago we told you about the Phishing phenomenon. It consists of obtaining the user’s personal data. Using credentials hacking, simulating malicious connection notifications with FranceConnect. The hub includes more than 700 administrative, public health or online banking services and associated accounts that guarantee the identity of 21 million users, making it a recurring prey for hackers.

But this technique Phishing also attacks the user through applications such as Netflix by sending fraudulent emails Indicates a temporary suspension of the account Attempt This email stands out because it contains a clickable link with a spelling error, or ask for the address of email, phone number, password or payment method associated with your account.

Via l’application

In the cat and mouse game with the authorities, phishing uses more nasty tricks than ever to win your case. Now these are fake apps recommended to download, they are meant to capture bank details, emails and images. These will be sold on dark web forums.

Pot Orose was discovered by Montpellier startup Pradeo, which specializes in mobile app security. By publishing a report, Pradeo shows that thousands of apps are involved, including games, news sites, and popular apps like Spotify … And here is the Android operating system. Here is the main impact. How do the developers of these rogue apps do this?

Pradeo shows that these apps have the same logo as the original site or are published via clickable links that accompany the fake ads. : “Users clicked the link in the post to download and were often surprised by the ad. This is a highly developed phenomenon during containment. ‘Features of these applications’ Malware, we were really surprised. Then I realized that they were copies and that the phenomenon involved thousands of services. ”Comments reported by the Midi Libre newspaper.

How to protect yourself from now on?

How do you deal with this massive piracy? First, it’s about technology and media literacy, it seems a lot of people haven’t noticed yet. Make them priority targets. You should also “Avoid phishing campaigns” SMS advertising campaigns that often display fraudulent links, such as overly attractive offers.

They can be detected even after downloading. These fake versions have weird features and tabs. For example, on Netflix, tabs such as “live” should generate mistrust. Uninstalling these applications is part of the same as traditional applications. On the other hand, for others, it is more complicated, then you must go to the phone settings and block the permissions that the application is granted.

Therefore, information and protection are essential to fight against these cyberattacks that plague our society.

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