Beijing bans Chinese teens from online videos

Beijing strikes a big blow. Chinese authorities on Wednesday adopted a special measure to ban people under the age of 16 from appearing in live content and online video platforms. Digital platforms will be required to delete various content in which minors are involved, including games, fundraising, violent or considered “vulgar” content.

In addition, digital platforms have been called upon to investigate cyberbullying and violent behavior occurring within their communities, forums or groups.

The move was prompted by the appearance of child pornographic images on various digital platforms, such as Kuaishou, Tencent QQ, Taobao, Sina Weibo and Xiaohongshu, Beijing reports. And to prevent that a “zero tolerance” will now be applied against platforms.

Beijing is raising the tone

The crackdown on inappropriate content involving minors comes soon after the Chinese government announced it was stepping up surveillance of local tech giants. Earlier this month, Beijing released a statement saying it would crack down on the corporate sector in a range of areas, from antitrust to cybersecurity to fintech.

Chance of the calendar or not, the Chinese regime attacked this week the VTC Didi application, withdrawn from Chinese application stores following a government order. Beijing issued a statement saying it had subjected Didi to a cybersecurity review in order to “prevent national data security risks” and safeguard the public interest.

Besides Didi, other Chinese tech giants, such as Alibaba and Tencent, have come under scrutiny from the government in recent months, with Alibaba fined a record high of 18.2 billion yuan. 33 other mobile applications were also singled out by Beijing for having collected more data on users than what was deemed necessary for their service offering.

Source: .com

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