Belfort area. Boom in drug seizures in 2022 in the department

Already last year, the 2021 safety report showed an increase in drug seizures. Bis repeated for 2022, which Cédric Richardet, director of the Belfort Territory Public Safety Department (DDSP90), said was “rich in interference.”

“Punch” operations

Thus, on the side of the police, the teams carried out 18 operations, to which we will add 23 “punching” operations in order to destabilize the points of the transaction. as a result of various operations, 210 people were detained (GAV) and 188 criminal fines (AFD) were imposed. The seizure report lists 20 kg (kg) of cannabis, 2.7 kg of heroin, 0.5 kg of cocaine and 46 cannabis plants, not to mention €43,000 in cash, €16,000 in bank accounts and €145,000 in transport means and various objects. .

The gendarmes carried out 34 operations, including the dismantling of the transaction point. They resulted in 29 GAV and 79 AFD, as well as the seizure of 568 kg of cannabis, 0.552 kg of cocaine, 13,550 euros in cash and 13 cannabis plants. As far as the police are concerned, the numbers are on the rise, a trend that Colonel Jacques Merino, commander of the departmental group of the gendarmerie, attributes to this trend, in part, by increased control over flows.

Customs: quantity multiplied by four

But in this assessment, the most important is the increase on the side of the customs brigades Delle and Montbéliard. Indeed, the amount of drugs seized was quadrupled to 1.2 tons. The figure explained by the seizure on 19 February 2022 of 579 kg of cannabis pollen, 90 kg of grass and cocaine-impregnated paper. This confiscation also stands out for the quality of products, the customs service notes.

drugs in the truck

In addition to this major seizure, two major seizures were made on RD83. The first, on 17 August, allowed Delle’s brigade and Besançon’s bikers to discover 175 kg of herbal cannabis hidden in the truck. The second, at the Erru roundabout, allowed Delle’s brigade to obtain 163 kg of herbal cannabis hidden in a covered truck.

46 capsules of cocaine swallowed

Note also the 10,930 kg of cannabis seized by Delle customs officers on 30 January in a car registered in Spain, which had a “complex covering device”. As well as 547.2 grams of cocaine, packaged in 46 capsules, which were swallowed by a person tested on June 3 at the Meru Moval station.

Belfort-Montbéliard network undermined

The public services also drew attention to the procedure carried out in March 2022 at the initiative of the Besançon Judicial Police Service, together with the Belfort Department of Public Safety (DDSP). It took “several months of investigation” to undermine the “complex network of drug trafficking” in Belfort and Montbéliard, as Rafael Sodini, Prefect of the Territory of Belfort, pointed out. This file allowed the seizure of more than six kilograms of heroin, more than 15 kilograms of cannabis resin, 835 grams of cocaine, 600 grams of ecstasy, as well as 332,000 euros in bank accounts, 6,200 euros in movable property (luxury watches and clothes). , 12 cars worth €361,000, €46,000 in cash and €7,450 in counterfeit banknotes.

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