Belle-Île: the fishermen of the Pays de la Loire opposed to the floating wind farm project

The fishermen of the Pays de la Loire are opposed to the floating wind farm project planned in Brittany, west of Belle-île, in an area they frequent, and call on Friday for “consultation with all the sailors concerned” .

“If the tender area is located in sectors above all frequented by Breton fishermen, more than sixty Loire boats are regularly active there”, explains the regional committee of fisheries and marine farming of the Countries. of the Loire, in a press release.

“The consultation with all the sailors concerned and the taking into account of the requirements linked to their activity are the key so that these establishments can be done with the approval of the men and women in the field”, judges the president of the Loire committee José Jouneau in the press release.

“Professionals are increasing the number of concessions without the announced counterparts being respected,” he denounces.

The Breton fisheries committee for its part informed AFP that it was part of the consultation process in order “to prevent, as in the past, the State, the Region or the developers deciding on the areas. installation of wind turbines without taking into account the fishing activities historically present in the area “.

The government gave the green light in May to this floating wind farm project with a capacity of 250 megawatts over an area of ​​approximately 130 km2. A second call for tenders is planned later in the same area for a fleet with a maximum power of 500 megawatts.

The fishermen of the Pays de la Loire also denounce “the decision of the State to move forward in a forced march towards the development” of this project. They demand that there be “no new developments without acquiring feedback” from the first parks under construction.

Another wind farm project, located off Saint-Brieuc and whose work officially started in early May, is causing serious tensions between fishermen and the operator Ailes Marines, which belongs 100% to the Spanish group Iberdrola.

Fishermen are calling for the cancellation of this park project, which is to be commissioned at the end of 2023, seeing it as a threat to the rich marine biodiversity.

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