Benjamin Sisko returns as a god to kick off IDW’s bold new era of Star Trek comics

This has never happened before in the Star Trek universe.

Breaking news from San Diego Comic-Con this week is going to be hot and heavy, which means IDW Publishing has just announced the relaunch of the flagship Star Trek comic series, heading to our corner of the Milky Way this fall.

Released in October and written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing (Star Trek: Year Five) with art by artist Ramon Rosanas (Marvel Star Wars, Ant-Man), Star Trek #1 from IDW Publishing will be a thrilling adventure a storyline that spans space, joined by a treasure trove of characters from across the Star Trek universe who must join forces to prevent a mysterious murder of the gods.

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According to the official IDW synopsis (will open in a new tab)the series will bring back Benjamin Sisko, best known as the commander of Deep Space 9 in the Star Trek television series of the same name.

“It is now stardate 2378 and Benjamin Sisko has finally returned from the all-powerful Bajoran wormhole,” IDW wrote. “But his divinity is crumbling by the minute. Sent by the Prophets on a mission to the deepest reaches of space aboard the USS Theseus, he witnesses the unthinkable: someone is killing the gods. And only Sisko and his ragtag crew of Starfleet members from every era of Crusade can stop them.”

Artwork from Star Trek #1. (Image credit: IDW)

“Benjamin Sisko is back!” Lanzing announced this in a press release from IDW. “We’re thrilled to launch a new starship with a crew of new and familiar faces heading out on a mission that will truly go where no man has gone before – an ongoing Avengers-style crossover that sees Gene Roddenberry’s creation as a living universe. This is a book where everyone can express themselves and where everything is possible.

To keep fans fully excited about this fresh ongoing game, the highly anticipated September issue of the Star Trek #400 Anthology will include a special Star Trek #1 opening story from Kelly, Lanzing and Rosanas.

Familiar faces return in Star Trek #1. (Image credit: IDW)

Colleen Kelly, Lanzing’s longtime writing partner, is also excited about this all-encompassing Star Trek saga.

“Dreams of an optimistic, utopian future of cooperation and equality are more important now than ever,” Kelly said. “We are both excited to continue the stories that have meant so much to us in the past and welcome new readers to Starfleet. and visionary sci-fi saga.”

As a sci-fi-loving kid, artist Ramon Rosanas watched endless reruns of the classic Star Trek series until The Next Generation, Voyager, and Deep Space 9 came along.

“After that, I didn’t miss a single episode of those three series every week,” added Rozanas. “Gene Roddenberry is history with a capital letter, and his legacy is unstoppable. The opportunity to bring my passion and creativity to this franchise is incredibly exciting for me.”

Artwork from Star Trek #1. (Image credit: IDW)

IDW’s Star Trek #1 will hit comic book stores and online retailers this October with eight cover variations, including series creator Ramon Rosanas’ A cover, Declan Shalvi’s B cover, David Adja’s C cover, Rachel Stott’s D cover, and raw cover. cover sketch E in addition to three other promotional retailer covers by Rosanas and legendary Eisner award-winning artist Francesco Francavilla.

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