Benoit Pelletier’s Second Breath after Long Fight Against COVID-19 | Coronavirus

I had not only COVID but also acute respiratory distress syndrome. […] I almost died over and over againhe said on Sunday in an interview with ICI Ottawa-Gatineau.

Being treated at La Ressource Regional Disability Rehabilitation Center in Halle, the University of Ottawa law professor must learn to walk again after a long struggle with the coronavirus and its aftermath.

I do not know what the long-term consequences will be in my situation, but they will probably be, at least at the level of the lungs. He admitted.

It is clear that COVID exists, on the one hand, and it is also clear that it can have very serious consequences.

Quote from:Benoit Pelletier, former minister and professor of constitutional law at the University of Ottawa

Despite what remains unknown, months after Mr Pelletier contracted the virus, the concerned director ensures that he is doing well as long as he continues his treatment.

The fighting spirit is really good. However, I need to overcome problems, especially at the pulmonary level. I’m still on oxygen– he summed up.

Escape from death

Already behind a long course of hospitalization of three and a half months. However, the likelihood that he would lose the fight against complications of the disease was very real. When Benoit Pelletier emerged from a coma in early March, his relatives were literally preparing for his departure.

Not only do they start[çaient] in [y] I think, but that’s what the doctors told them. They cook them[aient] for mourning, he said.

However, when his family braced for the worst, the former minister opened his eyes and smiled. Anyway, this is what he was told, he said, since he does not remember this moment.

Over the next weeks, the University of Ottawa professor was unable to speak, eat or drink on his own.

Long fight

However, the first signs of COVID-19 that surfaced on Christmas Eve were mild symptoms such as loss of appetite.

Over the course of several days, Mr Pelletier experienced a dramatic flare-up of the coronavirus and was hospitalized on January 2.

I understood from [ce jour-là]“My problems were very serious,” he recalled in an interview. I have to say that before, until then, I was a very healthy guy.

The next day, he was intubated and placed in an artificial coma. The first day when [j’ai été] in the hospital and we [m’a] require[é] If i want[ais] reanimate or not. So no need to tell you that I was worried, dropped the ex-politician.

A little over a week ago, when news of Mr. Pelletier’s protracted struggle broke through the public sphere, a wave of support surged.

Both academics and former fellow politicians such as Prime Minister François Lego have sent messages of a speedy recovery.

Elected MNA Riding Chapleau in 1998, Mr. Pelletier has represented horse riding in the National Assembly for over 10 years.

He has taken on several positions in the government of Jean Charest, including the portfolio of minister responsible for Canadian intergovernmental relations and the Canadian francophone community.

With information from Daniel Bouchard

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