Bertin Naum, serial inventor of surgical robots

Some entrepreneurs are forced to multiply startups and do whatever they can to increase their value. Others, such as Bertin Naum, have a mass-produced virus. Senegal-born Franco-Beninese, this 53-year-old multidisciplinary entrepreneur is truly on his way to success in an unprecedented career: developing over twenty years four medical robots that have revolutionized surgical practice.

His Montpellier-based start-up Quantum Surgical, founded in 2017, has developed Epione, a new robotic platform designed for the treatment and early treatment of cancer. “Our job,” explains Bertin Naum, “is not to invent drugs or surgery, but to identify robotic applications that can democratize surgical know-how so that it benefits as many patients as possible. Uber has democratized the taxi business, Nahum wants to do the same for surgeons!

“Percutaneous Ablation”

Indeed, there is an innovative procedure for the treatment of liver cancer called “percutaneous ablation”. Liver cancer – the fourth most common and the second most fatal – affects more than 900,000 new people worldwide each year (and causes 830,000 deaths), including 8,000 in France. The incidence rate has more than tripled since 1980, growing at an average rate of more than 3.5% annually.

The classical surgical treatment of this pathology consists in an operation to remove part of the affected organ.

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