Best Cryptocurrencies with Upside Potential to Buy in June

Despite the downturn in the market, cryptocurrencies are still popular. If you’re new to the industry, choosing the best digital asset to invest in can be overwhelming.

These virtual currencies have grown exponentially and early adopters are reaping significant returns on their investment. Although there are thousands of crypto assets on the market, these five cryptocurrencies have the best upside potential in June.

The Best Cryptocurrencies To Buy With Huge Potential


PancakeSwap is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Automatic Market Maker (AMM) app that allows users to convert digital tokens on their platform. It is also popular due to the huge profit that users get from working with its money pool.

In addition to providing cash and winning CAKE (native token) and SYRUP, PancakeSwap hosts a lottery session and users can wager on CAKE to win a certain amount of CAKE.

Competing with the Ethereum decentralized applications (dApps) platform, PancakeSwap was created in response to the high gasoline fees that users have to pay when using the second-most cost-effective cryptocurrency network.

In market action, CAKE has tried the best of both worlds. Growing more than 30% YTD, PancakeSwap’s CAKE price was $ 42.91 during the April boom. However, Bitcoin’s recent downtrend saw CAKE lose a third of its value during the crypto market crash in May.

The 1 CAKE is currently trading at $ 16.71, down 6.28% on its daily trading chart. This is an opportunity to act.

PancakeSwap / USD CAKEUSD

$ 16.5697-0.68 -4.12%

Volume 195.18 million Option – $ 0.68 Opening $ 16.5697 Circulation 179.59 million Market capitalization 2.98 billion

Elrond (EGLD)

Elrond with the ticker EGLD is our second best crypto investor that investors should invest their money in. Elrond is a $ 1.5 billion blockchain platform designed to accelerate the transition to Web 3.0 through sharding technology.

Elrond’s own token EGLD has also benefited from the recent crypto boom, which hit a tempting $ 243.4 on April 11.

Altcoin, trading at $ 86.48, is poised to experience a marked rally as the broader cryptocurrency market emerges from its volatile phase.

Elrond / US dollar EGLDUSD

US $ 83.6620-5.61-6.70

Volume 36.85 million Option – 5.61 $ Opening $ 83.6620 Turnover 17.61 million Market capitalization 1.47 billion

BitTorrent (BTT)

If you are familiar with the entertainment industry, you will understand what BitTorrent (BTT) is aiming to achieve.

Bram Cohen created BitTorrent in 2001 to enable people to share files with confidence, bypassing middlemen. In this way, content creators can earn commission from consumers without having to go through intermediaries.

BitTorrent is ranked forty-eighth in the Global Crypto Rankings and is home to over 100 million active users who share everything from music to videos, documents and podcasts.


BitTorrent, eventually acquired by the Tron network in 2018, has grown exponentially as more and more users flock to its P2P communication protocol.

On the April wave of cryptocurrencies, BitTorrent’s own BTT TRC-10 token jumped to $ 0.1068 from $ 0.003337 a few weeks earlier. However, after a general downtrend in the market, BTT showed a negative price movement and is 3.74% at an estimate of $ 0.00355.

BitTorrent, with a market cap of over $ 2.3 billion, is an encryption protocol worth keeping on your watchlist.

Blocktrade token / USD BTTUSD

$ 0.0042 0.005.17%

Volume 0 Change $ 0.00 Open $ 0.0042 Outstanding 55.75M Market 231.49K

Siacoin (SC)

Altcoin Siacoin (SC) is the native utility token of a decentralized storage platform based on the Sia blockchain.

The protocol aims to integrate users with the decentralized storage market at a competitive price.


Speaking about their mission, the Sia development team stated that Sia wants to become the main storage layer on the Internet, and if one succeeds, Sia has established itself well in the market.

At number ninety-third on the charts, Sia boasts a market value of over $ 750 million. However, Siacoin is also subject to volatility like the other altcoins mentioned here and is trading below the dollar level at $ 0.01564.

Siacoin / US dollar SCUSD

$ 0.0156 0.00-3.91%

Volume 48.72 million Change $ 0.00 Open $ 0.0156 Circulation 48.04 billion Market capacity 747.77 million

Qtum (QTUM)

Quantum (as it is pronounced) is a Proof of Stake (PoS) blockchain protocol that uses Bitcoin’s unspent transaction exit (UTXO) model and Ethereum smart contract capabilities.


Qtum aims to offer crypto users all the benefits of both large-cap protocols without any of their disadvantages. Qtum climbed from $ 27 to a 30-day high of $ 9.30.

Ranked 82nd on the chart, QTUM has a market cap of $ 964 million and is trading at $ 9.28.


US $ 9.1879-0.50-5.44

Volume 300.68 million Option – $ 0.50 Opening $ 9.1879 Circulation 98.44 million Market capacity 904.47 million

Jimmy Aki

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