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Telegram is a popular choice in the crypto community. It is popular among cryptocurrency investors and startups for its privacy features, cross-platform accessibility, and bot support. That’s why Telegram is so popular.

To keep up to date with the latest developments in the field of cryptocurrencies and find out which cryptocurrencies are booming, one of the best platforms to use is Telegram. Famous Reddit forums and even Tiktok and Youtube stars talk about cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. The Telegram group may be one of the many social media platforms that the cryptocurrency project uses to maintain an online presence.

Telegram works by allowing users to create either a one-way channel where they can only get the news feed, or a group where they can chat freely with other members. The platform now has moderators and administrators to keep spammers at bay.

However, if you are interested in the biggest crypto groups right now, here are the best crypto groups in 2022.

Telegram Academy Crypto

The Telegram Crypto Academy group is one of the most excellent sources of cryptographic information available. Powered by a global news platform that receives close to 400k unique visitors per month from all over the world, you can count on the group to share the latest news, guides, reviews and even price predictions in the Telegram group as soon as they are published. on the official site.

The Telegram group has more than 40,000 members, which ensures that only the most accurate information is provided. In addition, you can find short videos containing only the most important information about each new event. The group is an excellent source of information for novice investors and even for experienced investors who are looking for information about the world of cryptocurrencies.

Granite X100 Overview

Another Telegram group worth considering for promoting cryptocurrencies is Granit X100 Review. Granit X100 Review, based on information from one of the largest cryptocurrency news and marketing agencies on the market, reviews many different crypto projects and publishes its findings in the Telegram group. The Telegram Granit X100 Reviews group is a great way for aspiring crypto investors to learn about potentially lucrative new crypto projects.

The group was founded on April 21st and has grown to over 100 members in just a few days. Since then, most of the projects that will be published will be in presale. This is where most of the money is made. Since many crypto experts are looking for new projects every day, the group will be able to provide very accurate information about potentially profitable new crypto projects. The group also plans to pass verification in Telegram in the near future.

Travladd Crypto

Travladd is one of the best Telegram groups. With his influence all over the internet, as well as his potentially lucrative exposure to various projects, Travladd has established himself as one of the best in the crypto space. When it comes to promoting cryptocurrencies, Travladd excels at presenting various projects in the right way. Backed by various institutional investors and hundreds of thousands of social media followers (like Twitter), Travladd is one of the best on this list.

In addition to the many gifts Travladd gives to their community, they also interact with the community to keep the group and social media healthy and upbeat. Overall, Travladd remains one of the best in crypto promotion.

This telegram group is one of the best. They have been in business since 2014 and have seen a lot of cryptocurrency growth. They provide trading setups and offer realistic price predictions for large and small cryptocurrency projects.

Be sure to subscribe to a legitimate group as there are several scam groups on Telegram with the same name. They provide both a free Telegram crypto group and a premium Telegram VIP. In addition, the organization’s Telegram group has over 35,000 active members and is growing daily.


If you are looking for a group similar to the Telegram group, we highly recommend Learn2Trade. Learn2Trade is great for investors looking to invest in various cryptocurrencies as the group is used by over 10,000 traders worldwide. Expert analysts with over a decade of experience in the market offer very accurate cryptocurrency price predictions.

Learn2Trade, like, offers a free and VIP Telegram group. The group provides some of the best free crypto signals, several signals every week and a very high success rate provided by the free Telegram channel. If you want to join the VIP group, you will receive 3-5 signals per day along with additional information.

You can access the VIP group for £35 per month. There are many payment options available, including an impressive “lifetime membership” for just €250. The website also offers many educational resources such as broker reviews, trading courses, and investment news feeds.


In addition, OnwardBTC is on our list of the best crypto signal groups. A variety of trading methods and even crypto robots are available to OnwardBTC clients in nine separate Telegram groups. Currently, four cryptocurrency traders operate the OnwardBTC service, each specializing in different aspects of the market.

OnwardBTC signaling monthly fee is $19.50 which gives you access to all Telegram groups. Through this partnership, people who register on the ByBit exchange for the first time can get a free trial of OnwardBTC crypto signals.

In addition, OnwardBTC supports Cornix, a trading robot built for Telegram groups. Therefore, whenever you receive a transaction proposal for a group, Cornix will immediately take care of it for you. Thus, you will not miss a single transaction, which will allow everyone to fully benefit from the services of OnwardBTC.

Alternative Signals
AltSignals is another choice if you are looking for an automated trading platform for the cryptocurrency market. Since its inception in 2017, AltSignals has amassed a user base of over 50,000 members. AltSignals boasts a 75% retention rate, with over 3,700 trading signals sent since launch. Moreover, AltSignals is not only a source of business offers. It is also a training center for traders who want to improve their results.

For £99 per month, you can subscribe to the Binance Futures service, which provides signals with varying risk/reward ratios. Trustpilot gives the platform an average rating of 4.6/5 with over 290 reviews. As a finishing touch, the site offers beginner traders a selection of free cryptocurrency trading guides.

MYC Signals

MyCryptopedia, a well-known crypto education platform, provides MYC Signals, a group of Telegram crypto signals. A team of experienced traders provide this signal provider with dozens of trading ideas every month. Over 34,000 people are part of the MYC Signals Telegram groups, and the company has been sending reliable signals since 2017. The BTC-only plan costs $60/month, while the other two cost $120 and $150/month.

The BTC group sends 1-2 signals every week while the other groups send 3-5 every week. The MYC Signals web page has a historical data page. However, it has not changed since September 2021. Also, MYC Signals does not currently provide any free crypto signals, but the site does offer $50 for lifetime access to an online crypto trading program.

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