Best video streaming service: tell me who you are, I’ll tell you which platform you need

If you are not afraid:

  • From a less varied offer rich in more “mature” content.
  • To overdose on cartoons, animated films, superheroes and other galactic fights.
  • Not to have the blockbusters anime, superhero movies or galactic fights very recently released in theaters because of the media timeline.
  • To have quickly made the tour of the exclusives and novelties currently available.

Since then, Disney + is the only offer that really looks like you. With all the Disney Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic catalogs, Mickey’s streaming service is perfect for families and “Disneyphiles”.

If you can’t get enough of seeing and replaying cartoons, MCU movies, and galactic battles from Star Wars, Disney + is definitely for you. Otherwise, the service will have a harder time seducing you, even if it has some interesting exclusives like the series The Mandalorian.

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If you meet these criteria, you should surely consider subscribing to Canal + Series, the SVoD offer of the encrypted antenna. Several options are available to you, subscribe to the service alone or integrate it into a subscription package such as the Ciné Séries pack (with Canal, Netflix, OCS, Disney + and dozens of American channels).

With original series like The Legends Office, Baron Noir, Borgia, Versailles and many other famous series, the catalog of the platform does not demerit, on the contrary. Canal + Séries also offers ultra-high definition for compatible content from its basic formula at 6.99 euros per month. Perhaps less known than the others, it is nonetheless a choice to consider.

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6. DNA: the best for “otakus”

If you like or want:

  • Japanese culture, some of the most cult anime produced in recent years, but also older classics.
  • Very popular franchises, others less known, but just as worthy of attention.
  • Subscribe to the best-resourced SVoD platform in the Japanese animation industry.
  • The possibility of streaming flagship animes in simulcast, that is to say at the time of their first broadcast in Japan.
  • Enjoy some programs for free, even for non-subscribers.

If you are not afraid:

  • An interface (and in particular a search engine) that could still be improved.
  • Not be able to streamer all programs in HD quality.
  • Affordable basic subscription price, but which can easily increase depending on the options chosen.
  • Not to benefit from a free offline mode.
  • Not to have Chromecast compatibility.

So, Anime Digital Network (ADN) is undoubtedly a platform which should perfectly suit you. With Wakanim and Crunchyroll, it shares the streaming segment specializing in Japanese animation and manages very well to do well.

In its fairly varied offer, we find essentials such as Captain tsubasa, Naruto, One piece, My Hero Academia, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, Bleach and many others, but also more confidential franchises

For 4.99 euros per month, if you choose to subscribe for one year (6.99 euros otherwise), the basic plan is affordable. Even if the price can quickly climb with the addition of options (downloading episodes …), ADN has the necessary arguments to seduce many anime fans.

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7. Salto: the best for fans of TV (and French fictions)

If you like or want:

  • Subscribe to a French offer.
  • A platform that combines live television, replay and streaming on demand.
  • See some of your favorite TV shows in preview.
  • But also a decent number of exclusive foreign series and some great classics.
  • A bias on recommendations. An algorithm, but also original thematic selections made by the platform’s editorial teams and its partners.

If you are not afraid:

  • Of a catalog necessarily more limited than the American leaders.
  • Fairly priced for the solo offer (€ 7 per month), but a bit expensive for the following packages.
  • Not using the replay, or the “enriched TV” offer to make the subscription profitable.
  • To subscribe to a service that is still unavailable on the various operator boxes today.
  • To get tired of French fiction, even if a number of foreign programs are also worth a detour on Salto.

So, Salto may be the platform for you. Mocked before its launch on October 20, it is far from being ridiculous, on the contrary. The offer is complete, varied, and the catalog extensive.

Of course, French productions represent an important part of the latter, but there have also been some great acquisitions. The last season of Fargo, Looking for Alaska, All American, Banking district, Evil or the integrals of The Office and Parks and Recreation are good examples. In short, Salto should not be underestimated.

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