Best VPNs for Mac in 2021

Macs are often considered more secure than computers running Windows. Due to both the reduced number of units sold (making it a less juicy target for hackers) and Apple’s tight hardware / software integration, the Mac is, admittedly, a bit more secure. than Windows. That doesn’t mean, however, that you won’t need a VPN if you’re using an Apple-branded device.

Especially since the usefulness of a VPN is not limited to just protection against malware. You can use a VPN to protect the data you send and receive and prevent your location from being determined by the sites you visit. Apple will offer iCloud + private relay when MacOS Monterey releases in the fall. However, while it does offer some protection, it is not a complete VPN.

The VPNs below also allow five or more simultaneous connections, so if you have an iPhone and iPad as well as a Mac, you can protect all three with just one license. With that, we’re going to get to the heart of the matter.

NordVPN, the heavyweight

NordVPN is a service that provides secure browsing solutions through the use of VPN server. These servers allow you to hide the identification elements of your connection (such as the country of origin for example).

  • Downloads: 11
  • Release date : 07/19/2021
  • Author :
  • Licence : Commercial License
  • Categories:
    Internet – Security – VPN
  • Operating system : Android – Linux – Windows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 – iOS iPhone / iPad – macOS

NordVPN is one of the behemoths in the VPN market. In our overall speed test ranking, he came out on top of the overall standings. We found Nord’s user interface to be crisp and clear, and the product to be quick and easy to install. He doesn’t get in the way either. It works when you want it, but you can turn it off quickly when you’re back home or in the office.

We were quite intrigued by the five communications services on offer: P2P, Double VPN, Dedicated IP, Onion Over VPN, and Obfuscated (which means “to make obscure, unclear, or unintelligible”). The Double VPN feature is designed to run your data through a second VPN server, and while this is a great idea, it turns out that it doesn’t always prove reliable on a daily basis.

Beyond Apple platforms, NordVPN supports Windows and Android. And beyond that, NordVPN has customers on a variety of platforms ranging from Windows XP to Raspberry Pi, Synology, and Western Digital, to QNAP NAS boxes, Chromebooks, a slew of routers, and more. Moreover.

Hotspot Shield, among the fastest

Hotspot Shield offers a secure VPN service that encrypts your internet connection and lets you browse the internet anonymously and with respect for your privacy.

  • Downloads: 11
  • Release date : 07/12/2021
  • Author : AnchorFree
  • Licence : Free license
  • Categories:
    Internet – Utilities – VPN
  • Operating system : Android – Linux – Windows 10 – Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 – iOS iPhone / iPad – macOS

Hotspot Shield came in second in our overall performance rankings, but that’s because the performance was somewhat spotty. For some testers (myself included) Hotspot Shield was among the fastest VPNs tested. I even found that the speed of some connections increased using Hotspot Shield, which almost sounds like a violation of the laws of physics. But for other testers, the performance was lower.

That’s why we always recommend that you take advantage of return policies and actively test before your refund period ends. Hotspot Shield gets its rather unexpected performance gains because it uses its own network and proprietary protocol. Those who like to debate VPN protocols might be disappointed because “Catapult Hydra” is your only choice. But don’t let that put you off, because the offer does work.

Installation on the client is straightforward. You can only change some options after signing in, which is vaguely annoying. But it gets the job done and its speed, if it’s okay with you, is impressive.

ExpressVPN, for bitcoin fans

ExpressVPN is a web browsing service with a secure connection that creates a tunnel between your computer and the internet so that you can browse anonymously.

  • Downloads: 16
  • Release date : 07/27/2021
  • Author : ExpressVPN
  • Licence : Commercial License
  • Categories:
    Internet – Security – VPN
  • Operating system : Android – Linux – Windows – iOS iPhone / iPad – macOS

ExpressVPN came in third in our aggregate benchmarks. In a way, it looks more like NordVPN than Hotspot shield, in that the standard deviation is small. This means that the performance figures were generally consistent for all testers. Hotspot numbers vary widely from tester to tester.

Unlike Nord and Hotspot, ExpressVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, not a 45-day money back guarantee. This isn’t too big of a loss because if you make testing a priority, you can definitely determine if ExpressVPN is working for you in a month. One great benefit that ExpressVPN offers that others do not offer is paying by Bitcoin. If you want to stay as anonymous as possible, paying with bitcoin makes sense.

A really popular feature is the network speed test. Once in the client, you can ask ExpressVPN to scan its entire network and tell you the speed of each server. It takes a few minutes, but it’s great not only for choosing the fastest server, but also for getting a feel for the overall performance of the network.

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