Bethesda and Machine Games announce Indiana Jones game

Game news Bethesda and Machine Games announce Indiana Jones game

Ten years after Lego Indiana Jones, the famous archaeologist will soon be back in video games. Its place is therefore obviously not in a museum.

Indeed, Bethesda just announced sure his Twitter account that an Indiana Jones title was under development at Machine Games, known for recent Wolfensteins. Todd howard, which we see regularly at Bethesda conferences, is executive producer on the project, produced in collaboration with LucasFilm Games, brand unveiled yesterday. Bethesda has also indicated that it will be an original story.

The title does not have” no release date and has not disclosed its media, but we have all the same right to a teaser, also posted on Twitter. However, the ad was relayed by the Xbox account, but we still have to wait to see if this is a next-gen or a cross-gen game. For the rest, you will have to be patient, since Bethesda says it will be a while before new things about the game are presented.

By MalloDelic, Journalist


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