Bethesda: Microsoft buyout will make better games, admits Todd Howard

Business news Bethesda: Microsoft buyout will make better games, admits Todd Howard

Now that Bethesda has passed into Microsoft’s camp, players will have to get used to it: all of the publisher’s franchises will most certainly pass into the fold of the American giant, to the chagrin of millions and millions of aficionados of PlayStation. On this subject, executive producer Todd Howard spoke and the result will only be beneficial, according to him.

It’s a blow to all PlayStation gamers, who are going to have to sit down on a bunch of franchises from Bethesda : the first of them to be exclusive to Microsoft will therefore be Starfield, a new RPG in the space-opera sauce, which was precisely revealed during this E3 2021. Todd Howard, one of the thinking heads of the publisher and clearly the one who represents him at all events, s ‘is questioned by The Telegraph on several subjects, including a very specific one: How does he feel about this exclusive situation and, above all, is he sad to have left Sony and its huge community?

Well .. a little. You never want to leave people out, do you? But at the end of the day, being able to focus and be like “this is the game I want to do, these are the platforms I want to do it on” and being able to really build on those will result in a better product.

The executive producer continues:

By focusing on these platforms, you are really striving to do the best that you can. And we are a firm believer in everything Xbox and Microsoft are doing to expand their offering to more people. Whether it’s with the PC, which is huge to us, cloud streaming and all that stuff. So I think it’s about having a long-term vision. And we believe that these things are really basically the right ones.

A way to expand your community … in the long term

It has always been one of the sinews of war: when a studio creates an exclusivity for a specific machine, it can then dedicate all its resources and its know-how to it. On the contrary, releasing a title on several different consoles requires a talent of adaptation and optimization … which costs money and time.

Todd Howard, for his part, said “be proud to be part of Xbox” during the interview. And above all, for him, this is a huge way to increase the visibility of Bethesda: “their means to play our games are not decreasing, they are increasing considerably” he said, citing, of course, Xbox Game Pass. One thing is certain: adversity with PlayStation, which takes the bias of a radically different policy, risks giving rise to a fascinating power relationship in the coming years.

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