Better acceptance of Artificial Intelligence

At home, in business, in customer services… there are more and more AI-powered solutions. According to a study carried out in the United States by the company Interactions, a large majority of consumers (65%) say they are comfortable with Artificial Intelligence and 82% say they want companies to continue their development after the end of the pandemic.

With our voice assistants and our connected devices, we must admit that AI is already well established in our lives. At home, 62% of respondents say they are confident with their smart-devices and 51% agree to entrust them with security missions independently, such as locking a door or turning off an oven. Without forgetting that in terms of comfort, the domestic also gains ground with the management of heating, air conditioning or shopping when the fridge is empty.

But, there are some limitations …

When it comes to suggesting new movies on Netflix, recommending artists on Spotify, and analyzing your past purchases on Amazon, Artificial Intelligence is welcomed with open arms. But, if it comes to listening to discussions to offer personalized advertising, only 30% of respondents say they are comfortable. However, the difference is thin between a writing on a messaging or an email and a remark orally. This is where the customer experience is important!

It’s all about the right mix to provide a useful service without becoming too intrusive. Some see them as brakes or obstacles, but, as the study points out, many barriers have been lifted with the health crisis. Telephony, chat and online service automation, Internet users have been exposed to a lot more AI in recent months and its usefulness has been proven. The sometimes unjustified fears are erased and there is then a better acceptance of Artificial Intelligence.

On the business side, consumers accept AI 65% on the condition that it allows them to respond quickly to their demand. Two-thirds of those polled also say they are in favor of seeing robots in shops in charge of cleaning or restocking on the shelves of a shop. Only negative point: 72% of people questioned express a rejection of AI during a job interview. It is understandable !

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