Between heaven and hell. Katabasis. Jack Giacoli


A woman wakes up, naked and chained to a metal table. Next to her, a man in a pig mask sets up a camera. He turns to the lens and says a few words before grabbing the hammer: “I got your payments. We can start according to your instructions.”

Glyn, Belgium, July 2006 A passer-by finds a brutally mutilated body in the Nimi-Blaton canal. She is quickly identified as Karen Wagner. She was killed after severe torture and mutilated.

Forced to join the crime department of a small village he thought was quiet, Matt Leimans begins his first investigation. Nothing could prepare him for what he was about to discover…

If the first chapter of this book (probably the “heaviest” in the book…) is a little unusual, then the story very quickly becomes completely “lollipop” (and I’m not telling you about the end of the book yet). We already see one thing: we can’t believe it for one second, and that’s from the very beginning! There are mistakes in the story, internal contradictions, nonsense, inaccuracies, stereotypes, we even forget to explain to us the relationship between the characters, we see “turns” coming from afar! There are even characters that we don’t understand, who are they and what are they doing there? The same is true with some topics, for example with. former. the dark web, which they begin to tell us about, but then forget to develop in depth …

The background script is as thick as potato chips. In fact, there is no style, and when it is, it is very bad. I understand that this is the first novel … But, to be honest, I rarely read such unsuccessful ones! In the end, we don’t know whether we should continue to cry or laugh … Or cry with laughter, it’s so bad! We even begin to hope that the real policemen are not all such x__s, otherwise, we are poor! There is no real suspense, and I very quickly realized who was to blame and who was not … It’s amazing why the police, of course, did not understand the story …

The characters, which fortunately we never get attached to, are very caricatured and lack depth. They are not believable at all. eg Good father, ex-cop, married and father of a little girl who turns into a bloodthirsty monster ready for anything when he finds out that his wife is cheating on him? A prisoner who can’t line up two sentences in a row but writes letters worthy of a professor at the Collège de France? A wealthy businessman who manages to influence the King of Belgium into signing a pardon for a criminal who tortured and murdered in cold blood? Orgy, a sadistic judge who loves to watch masturbation torture sessions and goes as far as tossing harmful ideas at her lovers? The police officer who beats his colleague and blames him for all his abuses?
We must stop, Mr. JACOLI, we do not believe for one second and for a very long time!

In the end, I was completely disappointed! How can you say – as I have read it all over the net and heard from literary critics – that this book is one of the best thrillers of 2022? So that we were in light years? ..
I find myself on my knees, flushed, exhausted, exhausted, exhausted from reading fatigue and the ensuing boredom… I feel like I’ve been completely deceived in what I’ve been told. undergo a real “literary colonoscopy” … Not only do I not recommend this book to anyone, but above all I advise Mr. JACOLI to return to his first job, namely an investigation for the federal police in Belgium, hoping that he is much better researcher than novelist!.. Considering the very open end of this book, and considering that it is so bad that it is “capillotractive”, I urge Mr. YAKOLI not to “write” a sequel! As for me, before moving on to something else, I will have to lie down for a week reading Suetonius to clean my pupils!

PS: Due to the very detailed descriptions, in particular the torture scenes, present in this book, we will not give it to the smallest and most sensitive people to read … This book is intended for an adult and informed public.

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