Between PAM and Istiqlal it’s a cannabis war

Author: Amin Asmlal, August 12, 2022, 11:24 PM.

Kiosk360. Both sides are accused and accuse each other of wanting to use the file for political and electoral purposes. If they go too far in this dispute, the coalition ruling the Tangier-Tetouan-El Hoceima region risks falling apart. This article is a press review from the daily newspaper Assabah.

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Cannabis is once again igniting a war between the two government majority parties, PAM and Istiklal. In a weekend edition of August 13 and 14, the Assabah daily claims that both sides accuse the other of wanting to profit on a personal and electoral level from the decriminalization of cannabis cultivation.

This is an old discussion that began long before the decision of the state to allow, through a special law that was passed some time ago, the legal use of cannabis for medical, cosmetic and industrial purposes. Today, this issue was raised again during the preparations within the Council of the Region of Tangier-Tetouan-El Hoceima for a study day on 13 September on this issue.

Basically, the newspaper explains, Council members in the region have expressed their anger towards their colleague Larbi El Mharchi, head of WFP and Vice President of the Council in charge of preparations for this event planned in Al Hoceima. According to the daily newspaper, Istiqlal’s elected officials thus implicitly accuse him of wanting to use the file for personal, electoral and political gain.

On the contrary, they are calling for a consensus on how to implement this project, avoiding at all costs to hand it over to any one political party. Of course, elected officials talk about the conduct of business at the level of the Regional Council. And everyone agrees to avoid a scenario in which the maintenance of this dossier would be monopolized by one political formation.

If today two parties stand out – Istiklal and PAM – it is primarily because they were the only ones who were closely interested in this case even before the adoption of the law on the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes. , pharmaceutical and industrial purposes.

Both parties are also among other sponsors of legislative proposals during the last two legislative assemblies, precisely in the sense of decriminalizing the cultivation of cannabis for legal use. These two formations also stand out because, together with the RNI, they form the core of the coalition governing the Regional Council of the Tangier-Tetouan-El Hoceima region. And any conflict between the two parties on this issue risks splitting the entire coalition. Hence this call for consensus on this issue.

However, according to the newspaper, the current dispute between the two formations stems from the hypothesis that the file could be used as a map of political pressure. Moreover, the newspaper notes that all political initiatives in favor of the producers of this plant have always coincided with the election period.

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