Beware of everything

Streaming platforms are sometimes reminiscent of the rabbit hole in Alice in Wonderland: you select a movie and you come across nuggets. In my case, the thriller section of Netflix.

In the beginning was fear

When I opened the app on my TV, I noticed that Netflix was playing an old thriller that I had quite fondly remembered: Fear. It stars Reese Whiterspoon, Mark Wahlberg and Alyssa Milano. The story is classic: a wise girl runs into a bad boy and it escalates into violence.

It is interesting to review some films that we could watch as a child or teenager or even very young adult. Is the memory we have of it the same? Do we see the same details? Are the sensations felt the same? In the case of Fear, the positive impression of the film did not change, but one element did grab my attention. In computing, especially in security, it is often said that the first flaw is the chair-keyboard interface. This term refers to human error, whether it is thoughtlessness, lack of attention or lack of knowledge.

In Fear, the endangerment of the family comes in part from an error of this type. Without revealing the whole plot, the last part of the film could not have taken place if the heroine had not trusted the wrong person. This detail, in particular, is still relevant today. Overall, the movie has aged well, as the story is pretty universal. However, there is one detail that could not take place nowadays. Can you find which one?


Netflix’s original production, Fatal Rupture (A Fall from Grace) is well worth the detour. Everything is perfect: the actors, the story, the tone, the photography. No matter how hard we look, this very original thriller, very well put together and fundamentally believable, is a real success.

The story may seem trivial to cry: a woman falls in love with a man younger than her, marries her and realizes that he is not the man she believed. It is thanks to his lawyer that the truth must emerge. We absolutely do not see the two hours pass, unlike other films which stretch in length.

Here again, without revealing the whole intrigue, part of the truth will emerge thanks to the fadettes of cell phones and their boundaries. We forget to what extent these small everyday objects can make us say things that we wanted to keep secret.

“Obsessed” not obsessive

Despite a dream cast – Beyoncé, Idris Elba, Ali Larter and Jerry O’Connell, Obsessed remains relatively ordinary. A senior executive in a financial firm, Derek has everything to be happy. He earns a good living, he is very happy with the house, has just bought a beautiful house. Everything would be fine in the best of all possible worlds if a temporary worker hadn’t developed a passion for him.

From there, everything changes. Too enterprising, she leaves the company on her own, but continues to send various messages to Derek, to the point of causing him professional harm. Indeed, from the moment the network used is that of the company, the latter has the right – we are in the United States, not in France – to consult the content of the messages. Finding naughty photos looks bad. In the end, all ends well, but the 1 hour 48 minutes of the film may seem quite long.

While extremely classic, the film is a hit in the United States. The presence of Beyoncé both as an actress, but also as a producer is undoubtedly not foreign. Some aspects of the scenario are too simplistic. Thus, the scene featuring the babysitter lacks credibility. Can we really imagine that a woman, whose husband is pursued by a psychopath, can entrust her child, without warning, to the nanny of the potential danger of opening the door to anyone? Another detail that is usually found in horror films: the police are useless. We also find this axis in Fear: the police forces are there to look pretty in the landscape, but have no use.

Never sleep with a hacker

Another Netflix production, which hit the mark: Fatal Encounter. Let’s say it at the outset: at the beginning, we watch him mainly because we want to see Omar Epps alias Doctor Foreman in Doctor House, playing a dangerous sociopath. Ellie is happily married, but thanks to a professional meeting, she crosses paths with a former college friend. After a bit of a flirtation, she ends the relationship. David doesn’t hear it that way and is going to interfere as much as possible in Ellie’s life.


In the thriller category, to choose from, we will prefer Secret Obsession whose script is much more original and which takes us from start to finish. We only understand the plot at the same time as the heroine, unlike other films of the same type where everything is sewn with white thread.

We will have to take our troubles patiently before being able to find a semblance of nightlife and social life. If you’re not a disaster or horror movie customer, Netflix can provide you with some pretty cool thrillers. Apart from the platform’s productions, we will happily (re) see some classics including Shutter Island and Zodiac. The latter is especially indicated for fans of cryptology and lovers of serial killers, although it is not exempt from a few lengths.

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