Beware of These 20 Android Apps That Steal Your Money

    • 20 very dangerous apps found
    • They steal your data, sign you up for paid services or advertise
    • You need to urgently remove them from your phone

It happens very regularly that cybersecurity companies sound the alarm about dangerous mobile apps. A recent Dr.Web report lists 20 apps in the Play Store that are particularly dangerous.

Some of them contain the Joker virus. This malware can cost you a lot of money as it intercepts the confirmation text messages exchanged between your Android smartphone and an online service to sign up for a paid subscription without your knowledge. The maneuver does not last long, but, multiplied to infinity, it can bring cybercriminals very large profits.

Personal data stolen from Android

Other applications detected by Dr.Web deliver bulk ads to the victim’s phone. While not particularly dangerous, it can be especially painful for the victim and very lucrative for hackers.

We also find traces of FakeApp malware capable of sucking out users’ personal data. This is very dangerous because this sensitive information is then sold on the dark web and can be used for hacking or more serious cases of identity theft.

Here is a list of 20 apps found by Dr.Web: Big Decisions, Document PDF Scanner, FITSTAR, Jewel Sea, King Blitz, Lucky Clover, Lux Fruit Games, Lucky Habit: health tracker, Luck Hammer, Lucky Step-Walking Tracker. , Golden Hunt, Reflector, Safe VPN, SEEKS, Seven Golden Wolf Blackjack, Smart Night Clock, Smart Screen Mirroring, Unlimited Score, WalkingJoy, Wonder Time.

How to protect yourself?

If you find that one of these applications is installed on your phone, it should be removed immediately. You should also check your bank statements to make sure you haven’t been hacked.

However, the good news is that since the publication of this report, Google teams have responded quickly enough that most applications have been removed. In any case, this warns us of the dangers as a user. Don’t install apps too quickly and find out about the publisher. Reading the comments on the Play Store can also provide us with valuable information in this regard.

Note that this reflex must also be taken over by the computer. In 2022, we have witnessed the explosion of cryptojacking devices that allow cybercriminals to mine cryptocurrencies covertly. To learn more about this danger, you can read our article here.

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