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On the Internet, hackers use a lot of creativity to trick their victims.

Several readers have alerted us via email to a new scam that seems to be spreading quite frequently via email these days. Scam victims receive an email from Amazon stating “their account will be suspended due to suspicious activity.” In the same email, they are asked to “update billing information to cancel the payment.”

Of course, Amazon is not behind this “warning”. The hackers pose as an e-commerce platform and blindly contact email addresses likely obtained from the dark web.

Users who “update their payment method” risk having their cards charged. Without knowing it, they pass their banking information to fraudsters. And most often in this case of fraud, banks are reluctant to return the amount received by fraudsters, for the simple and good reason that it is an error in the assessment of the victim who voluntarily concedes the payment by providing his bank details. on a voluntary basis.

The email presentation is neat.

It is relatively easy to be fooled by a neatly crafted email that replicates the style of Amazon emails. However, several elements make it possible to identify the scam: is mentioned while the official Belgian domain is, the email address used is “rivet360” and not Amazon, as it should be in the case of the customer . And finally, customer support asks the user to update their bank details so that their account is not deleted… Which makes no sense.

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