Biarritz: 2,000 people expected to talk about bitcoin and NFT

Launched during the pandemic in 2020, Surfin’Bitcoin is in its third release, which is a confirmation. With 1500 attendees expected, over 100 speakers including 35 international, the show shows its ambition. But Jonathan Herskovichi, one of the organizers and co-founder of the startup StackinSat, does not forget about the main mission of the event. “Our calling is always to democratize BTC,” he says.

A target shared by NFT Biarritz, which blows out its first candle. “We’re expecting about 400 people,” hopes Frank Dupont, the show’s creator along with his brother Damien. Two brothers work as developers and have been developing in the world of cryptocurrencies for two years now. “We don’t want to sell NFTs, we want to help people understand them,” says Damien Dupont.

Damien (left) and Franck Dupont, two brothers who founded NFT Biarritz.

Edward Ampui

For beginners and advanced

From 64 to 100 euros is the price offered by NFT Biarritz to demystify NFT through conferences on its history or its application in various fields. Members of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) or the NBA, the American Basketball League, will step in to spread the word about this technology to the sports world. But the pride of the organizers is the master classes. “You can bring your own computer and work, we offer hands-on classes to learn the basics, like creating an online wallet,” says Frank Dupont.

This year, the Surfin’Bitcoin program spanned three days. The first day of free entertainment on Thursday, designed for BTC newbies, among other things, with a treasure hunt around the city and 10,000 euros in bitcoins to be won. Fridays and Saturdays are available for 250 euros per day and are “more for connoisseurs”, admits Jonathan Herskovichi.

They address multiple topics in English or French with several speakers including the Minister of Economy of El Salvador, one of only two countries in the world to adopt bitcoin as legal tender, or the Euroskeptic and ultra-liberal financier Charles Gave.

Recent events such as the collapse of the cryptocurrency last June, the bankruptcy of the exchange platform Celsius Network or the fall of BTC to almost $20,000 do not undermine the organizer’s confidence, on the contrary. “It reinforces our belief in maximalism. All cryptocurrencies crash, but BTC remains above $20,000, which is a lot. »

“Wrong Values”

For its first day, the creators of NFT Biarritz are confident. “We had a lot of requests and enthusiasm, we had to refuse the participants,” says Damien Dupont. People love cryptocurrencies on the side, thanks in part to Surfin’Bitcoin, that’s what inspired us to create the show. »

A convergence that organizer Surfin’Bitcoin accepts somewhat reluctantly. Jonathan Herskovichi seeks to distance both events. “Our relationship with them is purely business,” he says. At Surfin’Bitcoin, we consider BTC to be the only revolution. We have different values, BTC can change lives, and NFT is a gadget. “The speech that the Dupont brothers are trying to soften. “They have a maximalist vision, it was a shame not to open up a perspective on broader topics.”

“Basque Valley”

But nothing, the combination of two exhibitions makes Biarritz recognizable and offers the image of a fashionable city in the field of new technologies. A dynamic that Jonathan Herskovichi wants to surf on. “We have a lot of technology companies and we want to keep attracting talent,” he says.

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