Biarritz is also riding the NFT wave.

In recent weeks, falling cryptocurrency prices have cast NFTs into the shadows. But in Biarritz they will find the sun. This summer, the coastal city is indeed hosting a lot of blockchain-related events. On August 24, the very first NFT Biarritz exhibition will take place here. More than 2000 square meters of space will be provided for conferences, round tables, seminars and networking.

Make the NFT show “high-quality and practical-practical”

The program for the day is packed, OpenGem, the organizer, has many conferences scheduled and over 50 speakers will be in attendance to share their experiences in the field. The creation of NFT Biarritz aims to present (or rediscover) NFT in a fun and practical way. Many events are planned: round tables, conferences, etc. The event will take place in the Biarritz connector, a popular place for startups. NFT Biarritz will also show a preview of the documentary “Burned Auction, Behind the Scenes” on the NFT’s first hammer auction (with a 20 minute auction) in the presence of its director Patrice Masini at 6:45 pm.

NFT Biarritz also provides an opportunity for companies and artists participating in Web 3 to present their designs to the general public by exhibiting their designs during the event. “From 13:00 to 14:00 there will be about thirty different projects to share your project there, all you have to do is register at the entrance to the exhibition,” emphasizes Franck Dupont, one of the creators of NFT Biarritz.

The gym is also open to beginners.

The day before Surfin’Day and the launch of Surfin’Bitcoin, a trip to NFT Biarritz before diving into crypto kills two birds with one stone. “The event is designed for beginners and experienced riders,” explains Franck Dupont. Workshops will be held to “accompany newcomers to the NFT world” (how to create a wallet, secure it, buy your first NFT, etc.).

The NFT Biarritz ticket office is still open. If you own an NFT 20 Mint typewriter, you can even get a 30% discount by connecting your wallet.

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