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Being interrupted by a dog in the middle of a call, wondering what you look like in a video, and finally being able to play sports again: he may be the most powerful man in the world, the disadvantages of the associated Covid lockdown are the same for Joe Biden as and for everyone else.

On his fifth day of detention after testing positive for Covid-19, the 79-year-old US president completed treatment with the antiviral drug Paxlovid on Tuesday and “his symptoms have almost completely disappeared,” his doctor, Kevin O. ‘Connor, said in a letter.

Joe Biden will be able to come out of isolation as soon as he tests negative and appears to be ready, at least psychologically.

In fact, the doctor’s letter, which focuses on medical parameters such as oxygen saturation, pulse, and temperature, mentions in passing that he is “feeling well enough to resume his exercise regimen.”

Unlike his predecessor Donald Trump, who sometimes wondered if gyms were actually bad for health, Joe Biden works out every morning and takes short bike rides at his Delaware stronghold on weekends.

“Last night he asked to play sports,” his spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said Tuesday. “He loves to lift dumbbells, he loves to use the treadmill.”

– Video conference jokes –

Commander, Joe Biden’s dog, June 25, 2022 at the White House (AFP/Archive – Stephanie Reynolds)

The announcement of his positive Covid-19 test last week forced him to cancel trips to the US and reduce his White House hours, but his teams have insisted that he continue to perform all his functions nonetheless.

Expecting a personal return to work this week, the president continued to participate in virtual meetings on Tuesday, including attending a meeting with representatives from South Korean giant SK, which announced $22 billion in new US investments. semiconductor and other high-tech sectors.

Facing daytime visitors and his advisers, Joe Biden appeared on screen and joked that he was actually in the same building, just a few rooms away.

“I could go to the balcony and call you in a raised voice,” he said.

Amid important conversations about U.S.-South Korea relations, Joe Biden showed off some of the more humane aspects of working from home that will resonate with many around the world after two years of the pandemic.

“I feel great. I hope you can see it,” the President cheered. “Hopefully I look as good as usual, which is to say, not so good.”

Then, while talking to SK executives about qualified employees, a bark – likely coming from German Shepherd Commander Joe Biden – briefly interrupted the meeting.

His press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre estimated that he was on the verge of recovery. “I smiled when I saw that he wanted to play sports,” she said.

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