Bill Gates, the first proponent of the even more powerful ChatGPT

Do not believe that the technology sector is more rational than the religious or spiritual sector. Oracles abound in these two worlds. And in the world of technology, Steve Wozniak or even Bill Gates is regularly consulted to give their opinion on everything and everything as soon as 0 and 1 appear.

So the illustrious founder of Microsoft held his annual AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit this week in front of internet users to test his popularity and get some opinions out to the world that some would consider enlightened.

So, Bill Gates is not a big fan of the metaverse, Web3 and NFT. But he loves generative artificial intelligence like ChatGPT. That’s all, you know. Okay, here’s some more.

Next step for OpenAI: 570 times more parameters

“I don’t think Web3 is that important or that the metaverse itself is revolutionary,” says Bill Gates, who also sees NFT as just a speculative bubble.

But when it comes to artificial intelligence, Bill Gates believes that AI is a revolution. And qualify ChatGPT OpenAI as a necessary tool. “It gives an idea of ​​what needs to happen. I’m impressed with the whole approach and the level of innovation,” he says. And name education or healthcare as sectors of the future for AI. First of all, he is convinced that the ability to improve AI is important.

Thus, OpenAI should soon increase the power of ChatGPT by modifying its engine. ChatGPT currently runs on the GPT-3.5 language model. But GPT-4 should be applied soon, somewhere in 2023.

If GPT-3 offers 175 billion options, GPT-4 should offer 100,000 billion, or 570 times as many options. Enough to blow up the performance of the machine and certainly improve the quality of the answers offered.

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