Billy Mitchell: Pac-Man and Donkey Kong records reinstated in the Guinness Book

Always armed with his tie in the colors of the American flag and with a somewhat antipathetic air, Billy Mitchell is a controversial figure in the world of video games. Holder of several records on Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, antagonist of the documentary The King of Kong and until yesterday, ousted record holder …

In 2018, Twin Galaxies, the organization in charge of certifying video game records in the United States, decided to abrogate the records of this rascal Billy Mitchell altogether. In question, new sources ensuring that his score of 1.062 million Donkey Kong (now exceeded) had been achieved not on a real terminal, but on a MAME emulator. Mitchell therefore saw his performances removed from the Guinness Book and was banned from submitting new exploits.

New twist today. After appealing this decision to the Guinness Book committee, the 54-year-old was finally pardoned by the officials and his records reinstated. As the video below explains, after reviewing the available evidence and conducting a new investigation, Craig Glenday and his cronies came to the conclusion that “there was not enough evidence to justify a disqualification“Enough to offer Mr. Mitchell a new opportunity to parade proudly and to evoke”his illustrious playing career“…

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