Binance and Thorchain will soon be bypassed by Big Eyes – an Ethereum-based cryptomeme project

Most crypto projects have suffered since Bitcoin went bearish in the first half of 2022. These bearish times have led to the collapse of several crypto projects without a solid foundation.

Creating projects with a solid foundation cannot be overemphasized. As a result, crypto innovators looking to build a solid reputation and grow their crypto projects need to build platforms that can stand the test of time. These close relationships are the key to survival in this highly competitive industry.

A fully decentralized crypto project with its own crypto community at the center has a high potential for success. In addition, solving important real-world problems also contributes to the development of the crypto community.

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Binance Blockchain (BNB) is one of the most versatile crypto networks. It started as a centralized crypto exchange in 2017.

Binance (BNB) is growing at breakneck speed. In 180 days of its operation, it has become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the crypto space.

Binance Blockchain (BNB) is a decentralized crypto platform that aims to solve some important problems in the crypto space. The Binance Development Team (BNB) is made up of experienced software developers and blockchain engineers.

These people are collaborating to create a crypto exchange platform with an easy to use interface. The Binance ecosystem is known for its security, efficiency, and speed. Some features of Binance (BNB):

  • Fast Transactions: Transactions in the Binance (BNB) ecosystem take less than 4 seconds. It is one of the fastest cryptocurrency blockchains in the coin market.
  • The high speed of Binance (BNB) is due to its efficient consensus protocol, which helps validate transactions and secure the blockchain.

  • Low transaction fees: Users of the Binance (BNB) ecosystem as a proof-of-stake blockchain can benefit from low transaction fees. In addition, BNB holders will benefit from reduced trading fees when using BNB tokens to pay for their trades.
  • Secure Platform: Binance (BNB) uses a high cyber security protocol. It regularly checks and updates the blockchain to ensure its cyber security. Binance developers have studied successful and unsuccessful crypto exchanges to create a platform that is resistant to cyberattacks.
  • The Binance (BNB) ecosystem initially consisted of two main components; exchange Binance and Binance Coin. These two parts of the Binance ecosystem provide users with utilities that help it grow.

    Right now, the Binance (BNB) ecosystem has grown. The Binance Blockchain (BNB) has helped grow several cryptocurrency projects.

    Binance (BNB) has a centralized and decentralized crypto exchange. They offer user-friendly interfaces and professional analysis tools to make it easier for users to work with cryptocurrencies.

    • The centralized cryptocurrency exchange executes trades using a highly efficient order book that can process over a million trades per second. Users can trade in spot, futures and margin modes.
    • The decentralized crypto exchange uses an automated market maker to help users make crypto transactions. Users can contribute their assets to liquidity pools to receive rewards from liquidity providers.

    Binance (BNB) has a free online academy designed to educate users about the crypto space. It contains articles and videos that explain critical aspects of cryptocurrencies and their uses.

    The Binance Academy (BNB) also integrates a learning and earning platform. It rewards students with crypto assets when they complete lessons and quizzes.

    The Binance (BNB) ecosystem is issuing its own cryptocurrency, the BNB token. Binance Coin (BNB) is a utility token in the Binance (BNB) ecosystem. It is used to pay transaction fees and can also be used to buy other cryptocurrencies on Binance DEX and centralized exchanges.

    Thorchain (RUNE) is a blockchain-based project designed to provide cross-chain liquidity to cryptocurrency users. It is a decentralized and community-driven project that allows users to influence its work, while receiving significant rewards.

    RUNE is the native cryptocurrency of the Thorchain (RUNE) crypto project. Initially, the total supply of tokens was 1 billion, and in 2019 it was reduced to 500 million.

    Thorchain (RUNE) has created a cross-chain liquidity pool system consisting of RUNE:ASSET in a 1:1 ratio. This contributes to the transparent exchange of crypto assets on the network.

    The exchange in the Thorchain ecosystem (RUNE) is carried out in two stages. The first step involves converting the original crypto asset into RUNE tokens. The RUNE tokens are then converted into the target crypto asset.

    Thus, the Thorchain (RUNE) cryptocurrency acts as a temporary settlement point for the exchange of crypto assets within the Thorchain (RUNE) ecosystem.

    Users in the Thorchain (RUNE) ecosystem can play different roles to take advantage of Thorchain (RUNE) services. This includes:

  • Exchangers: These users use the Thorchain (RUNE) crypto platform to convert their crypto assets.
  • Liquidity Providers: These people invest their crypto assets in liquidity pools. Liquidity providers receive a portion of transaction fees for acting as liquidity providers.
  • The distribution of remuneration depends on the share of assets of each liquidity provider in the total liquidity pool.

  • Node Operators: These are the transaction validators in the Thorchain Proof-of-Stake (RUNE) consensus mechanism. These are anonymous validators that help validate transactions and secure the blockchain.
  • As a community based crypto project, Thorchain (RUNE) allows users to decide which liquidity pools get priority on their platform. The liquidity pool with the most RUNE tokens gets higher priority.

    Big Eyes (BIG) is a new project on the Ethereum blockchain. It introduces its users to a new type of memes. Big Eyes (BIG) offers users more options than popular meme coins.

    Big Eyes (BIG) is a meme project inspired by the viral cat meme. It will use its large crypto community familiar with its central theme to become a well-established crypto project. Big Eyes intends to reflect the qualities of cats by making its crypto project fun, sustainable and community driven.

    The Big Eyes (BIG) crypto project has a lot to offer its users. The standout feature of the Big Eyes (BIG) crypto project is its NFT platform.

    binance peak 2

    Big Eyes (BIG) will feature cat-themed NFT collections on its NFT marketplace as a cat-themed cryptomeme project. Its goal is to create the most extensive platform for collecting and trading NFTs in the crypto space.

    NFT creators around the world can become part of the Big Eyes (BIG) ecosystem and enjoy its NFT features. Its largest crypto community will allow its creators to present their creations to a large number of potential buyers.

    All NFTs in the Big Eyes (BIG) ecosystem will be unique and immutable. Thus, its users can be sure that their work is free from theft.

    In addition, NFT creators will have the opportunity to receive royalties for their creations. This way, after the initial sale, creators can earn more rewards for subsequent sales.

    NFT trading on the NFT Big Eyes (BIG) marketplace will be conducted using ERC-20 Big Eyes (BIG) tokens. This deflationary cryptocurrency will serve as a utility token for users of the Big Eyes (BIG) ecosystem.

    The native cryptocurrency Big Eyes (BIG) will have a limited supply of 200,000,000,000 BIG tokens. Over time, the number of BIG tokens in circulation will periodically decrease as they are burned.

    Big Eyes (BIG) offers two engraving methods. He implemented an automatic burn protocol to reduce the number of tokens in circulation from time to time. Its crypto community will also vote to reduce certain transaction fees associated with NFT trading.

    Cryptocurrency Big Eyes (BIG) is not only a utility token, but also gives the right to manage its owners. All holders of Big Eyes (BIG) tokens can vote on how they will manage the crypto platform.

    The Big Eyes Token (BIG) will be launched on Uniswap (UNI) in the coming months. Users can easily buy it. This listing will also make the Big Eyes (BIG) token popular in the crypto space as it will be available on the largest ERC-20 decentralized exchange.

    However, at the moment, the Big Eyes (BIG) token is still in the pre-sale phase. So far, the token pre-sale has reportedly raised over $1 million in its first week.

    This success is due to the excellent potential it offers to its users. In addition to simplicity, the Big Eyes (BIG) token pre-sale was also successful due to the user-friendly pre-sale portal.

    People wishing to participate in the Big Eyes (BIG) Token Presale can access the portal from any device connected to the Internet. Presale can be purchased in four easy steps.

  • Install the Metamask Crypto wallet on your smartphone, phone or computer. Do your best to secure your seed to protect your wallet from being hacked.
  • Once the wallet is installed, go to the wallet browser and visit the Big Eyes Token Presale Portal (BIG) via where you will be prompted to connect your wallet.
  • In addition, you will need to fill out a form. Please provide correct information. Additionally, you will specify your cryptocurrency deposit.
  • Users can buy Big Eyes (BIG) with Ethereum (ETH) or USDT tokens. Your crypto wallet must contain the cryptocurrency you intend to use.

  • Once you approve a transaction on the Big Eyes (BIG) Pre-Sale Portal, you will need to wait for the Pre-Sale to end before you can claim your tokens.
  • Big Eyes (BIG) has a lot to offer its users. Some other features to be implemented in the Big Eyes (BIG) ecosystem include:

    • Cryptocurrency exchange
    • Bridge Protocol
    • Shop for digital and physical goods and more

    To take advantage of these features once they’re released, join the Big Eyes (BIG) community by purchasing a pre-sale.

    Despite being a meme-inspired crypto project, Big Eyes (BIG) offers utilities not available in any other meme project. Its goal is to change the way crypto users think and use memes.

    Buy a presale to enjoy the benefits offered by the Big Eyes (BIG) crypto project. This crypto project demonstrates that meme coins are more than just jokes.





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